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CSGO has been one of the topmost played video games for a very long time. It was first played in the 90s as counter-strike CS-16 version but was relaunched as CSGO on August 21, 2012, by Hidden Path and Valve. It is a shooting video game, designed for multiple players and can be played both offline & online with bots. 

It can be run on platforms such as Xbox, Linux, Windows, and OS x and supports the Steam engine. The excellent graphics and different game modes with different characteristics have made this game very popular among different age groups. It has two types of accounts: Prime and Smurf, which are to be bought on different websites.  

The game is played in multiplayer mode with two teams. One of the two teams plays to be terrorist and plants the bombs or at least defends the hostages. The other team does the opposite by rescuing the hostages or defusing the bomb planted by the former team. The matchmaking system of the game matches the players according to their skill level and ranks. 

The players are rewarded with points according to their performances for killing the opponent, and a penalty is also given to those who kill their team player. At the end of each round, the players are given the in-game currencies based on their performance, from which they can buy weapons for the next round. CSGO has 9 modes. 

Types of CSGO Account

This account has to be purchased by the player when he reaches level 21 or more. The player with a prime account can only be matched with another prime account player. The chances of getting matched to a cheat are significantly less in the prime account. The phone number of the player has to be verified to buy the prime account.

  • Smurf Account

A higher rank player buys this account to improve his skills by playing with the player of a lower rank. This allows the player to develop gaming skills and improve his performance.


An account created with a need to play stress-free and improve gaming skills is a Smurf account. It is also a multiplayer game, but the player who has bought the smurf account is always of a higher rank than those playing in the game. The matchmaking system also matches the player according to his desired skill level player and the smurf player plays without worrying about the prime team’s status and rank.

The competitive nature of online multiplayer games has led to the creation of many CSGO Smurf Accounts. The advantage of being a higher-ranking player makes the win very easy and gives a boost of confidence to the player, and it also enhances his skills for the real game.


  • It helps in enhancing the gaming skills.
  • It is cheap and is easily available on multiple websites
  • It is legal
  • It boosts the confidence of the player.

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