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You may be showing symptoms of COVID-19 and would wish for a test to help you confirm a diagnosis. Garnerville Covid testing is a treatment option that uses PCR to reliably and accurately confirm your symptoms. The test can detect even slight bits of the virus, proving its effectiveness as a reliable test for COVID-19.

What is rapid PCR testing?

This test can also be known as a molecular test and involves using polymerase chain reaction(PCR) to detect the genes of the COVID-19 virus by reverse transcription. This test is efficient because of its excellent specificity and sensitivity in identifying infections. It can locate tiny bits of the virus even if you are not infected anymore. Due to its accuracy and reliability, the Polymerase chain reaction test is the standard test for confirming a diagnosis of COVID-19. You may need a PCR testing for COVID-19 if you have:

·                     Fever or chills

·                     Difficulty breathing

·                     Headache

·                     Cough and sore throat

You may need to check with your doctor if you develop any symptoms and suspect you may have COVID-19. You may not develop symptoms but still have the virus, and you may have the symptoms but fail to have COVID-19.

What happens during a COVID-19 PCR testing?

Your doctor may need to carry out the following three steps during your COVID testing. The steps may be:

·                     Sample collection

Your doctor may have to collect a swab sample from your nose. The swab will contain enough material that your doctor may take to the laboratory for testing.

·                     Extraction

When your sample arrives in the laboratory, they may extract genes from the rest of what is in the sample.

·                     PCR test

Once the extraction is complete, your doctor may use specific chemicals and the PCR machine for heating and cooling purposes. As the heating and cooling process is going on, it causes an increase in the quantity of the genetic material available for testing. The cycle may continue till small portions of the virus are present. Then a fluorescent light will appear; if the virus is present, your doctor may interpret the results as a positive test for COVID-19.

How can you interpret the COVID-19 PCR test?

You may have only two possible results after your test is complete. You can either test positive or negative.

·                     Positive result

If your doctor says you test positive for the virus, you have the infection COVID-19. You may also test positive as a sign that you have a possible infection of the SARS-CoV-2. You may quickly recover from the condition, but it is essential to contact your doctor if your symptoms worsen.

·                     Negative result

If your test is negative, it is an indication you do not have an infection with the virus at the time of sample collection. It may also be possible that you have the virus, but the test fails to detect it because perhaps your symptoms are not showing yet.

The PCR test is faster, and you may get your feedback in 24hours.

If you want to get tested for COVID-19, call Healthy Therapeutics Medical Practice or request an online appointment.

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