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Cox Communications

The United States has thousands of internet and cable TV providers. Many of these service small areas and regions. Others restrict themselves to urban centers. However, there are several very large providers that offer their services across many states. Providers like Cox Communications have thousands of employees and millions of customers. This makes them the biggest internet and cable service providers in the nation. 

The Cox Communications Story

Everyone in the US has heard of Cox Communications, right? The company traces its long and illustrious history as far back as February 1962. It has faced challenges along the way. Things like the arrival of satellite television, and VCRs, and finally, the internet. That’s not to mention streaming services and cord-cutters. But nothing has stopped the company from making its way to the very top of the industry. 

The provider has established itself as a major player in the internet and cable service industry. This is, in part, thanks to an outstanding reputation for customer service and reliability. Since its inception, the company has invested billions of dollars in the communities it serves. It has laid down the infrastructure that makes services like Cox internet plans widely available. Today, it has one of the largest subscriber bases in the world. It remains a leader in the game, rivaling companies like AT&T and Comcast.

What Does It Offer? 

Cox is primarily an internet, cable, and phone service provider. That means the bulk of its services are for residential or business communication. The provider offers several high-speed internet plans. Each one aims to meet a variety of internet consumption patterns. It also has several excellent cable TV offerings. 

These come with lineups that include some of the best networks and channels in the US. Additionally, the provider offers a feature-rich voice service. One that comes with unlimited calling in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The company has also branched out into home security services. These come under the Homelife banner. At its heart, however, it is still the same great provider we all know. 

What Makes The Provider’s Services Different?   

If you live in a coverage area, there are several very good reasons to choose it as your service provider. It has an internet plan for just about any type of internet needs. But more importantly, it delivers the speeds you pay for, reliably. These are two very important reasons for any internet subscriber, but that isn’t all. 

The provider’s internet plans come with tiered pricing. This means you can easily select a low-end plan on a budget. The company also maintains more than 650,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. As a subscriber to its internet services, you get access to all of these hotspots for free.      

Internet junkies who are prone to using up a lot of data should know about the 1 TB data cap. But if you think about it, 1 TB is a lot of data to consume. It is the equivalent of watching around 400 hours of HD content on Netflix. That’s enough for even the most serious binge-watchers and downloaders. Average internet users will likely not even get close to the cap by the end of the billing cycle. 

Changing the Game During COVID-19 

The coronavirus pandemic has been an unprecedented disruption. Nobody has seen anything quite like it in modern times. It has caused businesses to shut down and forced people to stay at home. The demand for digital connectivity has never been higher. However, it is too optimistic to assume that everyone has access to blazing-fast high-speed internet. 

The COVID-19 crisis has forced people to work and learn from home. Professionals need reliable connectivity and enough bandwidth to get the job done. Students need the same for video classes and submitting assignments on time. All of this is on top of your normal internet usage. That it has increased since nobody is going out unnecessarily anymore. In low-income areas, many people don’t have access to internet services, to begin with. And with rising unemployment, many may not be able to pay for the services that they do have. Cox is meeting the problem head-on. 

What the provider is doing is ensuring that people stay connected during these challenging times. This is part of the FCC Keep Americans Connected pledge. Currently, the internet provider has offered its basic internet plan to new customers at a reduced price. The provider also announced it would boost internet speeds on this plan. That means you get a jump from 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps temporarily. 

Households can qualify for the Connect2Compete program, which serves families from low-income areas. In keeping with the difficult situation, more relief was needed. The provider now offers the first month of internet access under the program for free. But that’s not all the provider is doing. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, such as a computer, for your child to study, don’t worry. Collaborating with PCs for People, the provider offers refurbished laptops and PCs at a discount. 


Cox is a leading service provider making efforts to adapt to a changing environment. From payment relief to COVID-19 safety protocols, it has taken several steps to ensure uninterrupted service. So you can rest assured that the risk is minimal in terms of your Cox cable packages or internet service installation. Choose Cox, and save yourself the frustration of a lackluster provider.   


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