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Among the industries Cook CPA serves are agribusiness, veterinarian, equine, and distilleries and wineries. Clients of the firm may turn to it for a wide range of services, including business consulting for estate planning and financial statement audits. If you are in search of a California CPA company, Cook CPA is a great choice!

Individual Tax Services

With Cook CPA Group you can receive a complete range of tax and accounting services, including offshore tax compliance. Several experts work with California individuals to help them develop their financial security and build wealth, including business professionals, CPAs, and accountants. Our Roseville-based firm understands the needs of the community.

Business Tax Services

A small and medium-sized business may have trouble accounting for taxes in Roseville, California. Businesses struggle to perform essential accounting tasks if they lack time and expertise. Moreover, it is usually expensive to hire an expert on staff. Corporate taxation, partnership taxation, and individual taxation are all areas in which we provide strategic consulting. CPA California professionals offer scalable and affordable accounting services that enable your business to remain competitive.


Board members, investors, and banks often request that we perform audits of their financial statements. Agribusinesses, veterinarian practices, and CPA firms of all sizes have sought Cook CPA’s services during the past 25 years. The slogan “Common Sense, Uncommon Service” speaks to our commitment to truly understand the needs of each industry.

Being a CA-licensed firm, our specialty is providing full-service accounting. Whether you are an independent contractor, an entrepreneur, or an executive, Cook CPA Grou has the expertise and experience to assist you with your taxes. We have over twenty years of experience helping the Roseville community, which enables us to offer accurate CA CPA services to the Roseville area. You can contact our local accounting firm for a complimentary consultation.

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