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intimate atmosphere Create an intimate atmosphere with these lighting tips

Creating an intimate and relaxed atmosphere in your living space is one of the most important aspects of interior design. After a long day, all you want to do is find comfort in a relaxed space, and your living space should be designed in such a way that it gives you a soothing respite quite effortlessly. Lighting is mainly treated as an afterthought, and that’s why people cannot achieve the desired effect ever. 

Different layers of lighting come into play while designing your living space. The three different layers of lighting are ambient, task and accent lighting. But to create a beautifully warm and intimate atmosphere, you need to focus on the ambient lighting fixtures without compromising on the other two elements too much. A few moments of bliss in your home isn’t much to ask for, and that’s why we bring you a brief list of lighting tips that can lend a warm and inviting atmosphere to your living space. 

Create lower-level focal points

The entire world is obsessed with hanging lights and nobody really wants to understand the functions and potential of low-level or Christmas Light Hanging Service in Maryland mid-level lighting. The true potential of ambient lighting can only be unlocked with low-level lighting. The best ambient lighting designs are table lamps and floor lamps, which are precisely what we’ll be using here to accentuate the ambience of your space. Table lamps can lend a soft glow to your space and add an unmatched sense of bliss to your living space. 

Set up mood lighting

Most people confuse mood lighting with dimmable lighting. Though they share similar characteristics in certain forms, they are definitely not the same. Mood lighting is basically having that soft and sultry illumination in the space that creates a relaxing atmosphere. The best way to incorporate mood lighting into your living space is to use materials like fabric and glass that diffuse a soft glow. Glass pendant lights, fabric chandeliers, fabric table lamps, fabric floor lamps or glass wall lights are some of the ideal choices for a mood lighting set up. 

Lighting designs with smart controls 

Lighting with dimmer switches or smart controls is also an ideal addition to your lighting layout, as they can lend gorgeously warm illumination. Dimmable lighting is definitely the future and it is simply the best time to get it incorporated into your homes. Not only does dimmable lighting help your personalise your space but it can also complement the decor at any time of the day. Dimmable lighting, in most cases, lets you adjust the colour, brightness and the intensity of the lighting fixture and customise your space just the way you want.  Incorporating Astro ceiling lights, known for their exquisite design and efficient illumination, can be a perfect choice to elevate your interior lighting experience.

Make use of candlelight

Might sound like a very old-school thing, but nothing compares to the warm glow of candlelight. You can create a beautifully warm space using candlelight and exude just the right amount of tranquillity and serenity you’ve always sought. You don’t even have to worry about the placement of the design, as you can fit in a couple of candles anywhere in the space. 

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