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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is secured through cryptography making it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double spend. They are mainly decentralized networks that are based on blockchain technology, which is a distributed ledger that is enforced by disparate networks of computers.

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One major defining feature of crypto is that it is not issued by any centralized authority, which makes them theoretically immune to government interference.  The decentralized structure also means that the cryptocurrency system does not collapse at a single point of failure.

A popular form of crypto is a cryptocurrency IRA that’s a self-directed IRA used to buy and sell crypto assets through an exchange. The ease of exchange does vary from one company to another, and it’s best to find a company that aligns well with your investment needs and goals.

Advantages of cryptocurrency

With cryptocurrencies, it’s easier to transfer funds directly without the need for third parties like banks. The transfers between the two parties are instead secured using public keys and private keys and incentive systems like proof of work or proof of stake. Every cryptocurrency user has a wallet or an account address with a public key known to others and a private key only known to the users’ account.  It is the private key that signs off transactions. The processing fees are also very minimal.

Cryptocurrency is also protected from inflation because as every cryptocurrency is released, it is released with a fixed amount. The source code will specify the amount of any coin and as demand increases, the value increases to balance market demands and trends thus preventing inflation.

The cryptocurrency IRA is also secure and private. The maintenance of the currency is also done well by bitcoin miners who keep the transaction records accurate and up to date. The transaction fee is their reward for maintaining the system.  Blockchain ledgers are also based on mathematical puzzles that are hard to decode making cryptocurrency more secure than ordinary electronic transactions; they also use pseudonyms that are anonymous and not tied to any user.

Risks associated with cryptocurrency

There are certain risks involved in cryptocurrency IRA investing. The first is investing because of the crypto hype. Many people will invest in cryptocurrency simply because it has been hyped by others as a good investment without really understanding market trends and how to best invest.  A good example is the 2017 hype that was one of the causes for the market surge and a subsequent market crash once people began to understand what they were investing in.  Now, however, there is a lot of mainstream knowledge that investors can look up before choosing cryptocurrency IRAs to invest in.

There are also concerns with security with risks of scams, hacking, and theft. Due to the anonymity and privacy of cryptocurrency IRA, it is easy for illegal activities to be carried out.  Be sure to educate yourself on the protocols of buying and investing in different cryptocurrencies so that you do not purchase bugs that could impact your investment. Read reviews on third-party sites to make sure the coins are secure. Also, make sure that your wallet is secure at all times.

The cryptocurrency is also very volatile and shifts can happen at any time in directions you did not anticipate. Since this is a new technology that is still unfolding, volatility is to be expected. In the short term, this is a concerning thing but with investments in cryptocurrency IRA, it is always best to look at the long game where volatility is an opportunity.


Investing in cryptocurrency is definitely worth the risk, as the benefits far outweigh the risks.  Although risk management is a necessary part of investing successfully, having a diversified portfolio is always the way to go.  As you get into this digital investing platform, using means such as Cryptocurrency IRA is a good way to start you off.

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