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Counter-Strike Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, commonly known as Counter-Strike or CSGO, is a popular first-person shooter game that pits two teams of five players against each other. One team plays the Counter-Terrorist role and their goal is to defend objectives and eliminate members of the opposing team who are playing as Terrorists. The other team plays the Terrorist role and their goal is to plant a bomb at one of the Counter-Terrorist’ objective points or kill all Counter-Terrorists in order to win the round. To achieve these goals, both teams have access to weapons with different strengths and weaknesses which can be bought throughout rounds using money earned from killing enemies or completing objectives.

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The Counter-Terrorist side has an advantage towards the beginning of a round because they have access to Counter-Terrorist weapons which are more powerful than their terrorist counterparts. However, as rounds progress and the bombsites open up for Terrorists to plant, Counter-Terrorist equipment becomes less effective against assault rifles and other automatic weaponry from Terrorists.

In order to gain an advantage over Counter-Terrorist teams, Terrorists must use their equipment and weapons to full effectiveness. Counter-Strike: GO is a game of communication and teamwork – if your entire team focuses on one objective point (such as the CTS spawn), you will lose.

Map knowledge can be extremely helpful when planning strategies for Counter-Strike matches; knowing where Counter-Terrorists are likely to be positioned will help you plan your strategy. Counter-Terrorist team members tend to hold their ground in predictable locations – they may sit at the back of a site, near Counter-Terrorist spawn points, or on popular Counter-Strike maps, they can often be found hiding behind walls waiting for unsuspecting terrorists to walk by.

Counter-Terrorists also have access to some very powerful grenades that can turn around an entire round if used correctly. Flashbangs and smoke screens are invaluable when trying to retake sites from terrorist teams who camp inside small rooms or hallways where Counter-Terrorists would normally try push through with guns blazing; flashbang grenades temporarily blind players so even though you might see someone running towards you, it’s impossible to tell whether they’re an enemy or your own Counter-Terrorist team member. Smoke grenades create a thick, impenetrable cloud of smoke that can be used to block off choke points and push Counter-Terrorists away from strategic points on the map.

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular first-person shooters in existence today – millions of players have logged hours playing Counter-Strike matches against each other online since its release back in 1999. CSGO has become so huge because it’s more than just a game; Counter-Strike tournaments are held around the world where professional gamers compete for substantial cash prizes while thousands more watch live streams or attend events as spectators. With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive set for release later this year, there will soon be even more Counter-Strike games to play and even bigger Counter-Strike tournaments to watch.

So if you’re new to Counter-Strike, the strategies in this article will tell you everything that you need to know about playing as a Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist on CSGO maps.

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