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Curacao is a beautiful place located in the Southern Caribbean Sea. It is an island and is very popular for having an affluent lifestyle. People living in this country enjoy all the different climates in a year. From heavy rainfall and dry seasons to moderate temperature, this country is becoming the most visited and loved place by tourists. It is getting popular, but still, a lot of people do not know about Curacao and its experience. 

What is Curacao famous for?

Tourists always get a fantastic time with great food, mixed European and Caribbean culture, and outstanding climate. As it is an island, the best activities include scuba diving, beaches, and some historical buildings. You can enjoy the diverse culture and languages along with their popular drink of orange liquor.  Collectively all of these features result in a great environment. 

If you are planning a visit to this place, then here are some recommendations. The article shows all the entertainment experiences in Curacao along with the available hotels that you can contact for your stay. 

List of entertainment experiences in Curacao 

In Curacao, tourists love going for soothing and adventurous experiences. Curacao has a stable and high—income economy, but it is not an expensive place for tourism.   Here is a list of the well-known activities that every tourist should plan during their visit. 


Curacao has amazing nightlife, especially near the beach. There are a variety of clubs, some are indoors, and some are on the open beach to give people beach party club vibes. A lot of these clubs also have the best Curacao casinos, where people gamble throughout the night. Try to enjoy as much as you can the incredible nightlife in the town and go towards the beach areas when you want to have a peaceful time. 

Beach experiences 

As this is an island, beaches are something that is the most attractive part of this country. Here the tourists go for some adventurous activities. Snorkeling, scuba diving, central dive, and just sunbathing on the beach are something every person loves to do. Klein Curacao Diving Trip costs $210, and the east coast diving trip is $165. These beach experiences will change your entire lifestyle of the vacation. 

Visit Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge was made in 1888 and is 30 feet wide and 550 feet long. This bridge connects the two sides of the market and is only suitable for walking. It is a floating bridge and often closes to pass some ships from one way to another. The sight of the opening of the bridge is also quite unique. On the other side, there is an entire market that is present on the water, known as a floating market. The shops at this location sell different kinds of ships, art shops, boutiques, and restaurants that have been present since the 17th century. 

Swim at Playa Lagun 

Playa Lagun is the best location for your entire travel to Curacao. The best thing about Playa Lagun is that the beach does not have any waves. At Playa Lagun, there is still water that gives a perfect location for a swim. People love this side because there are very few people with no sound of waves. 

Tour at Kura Hulanda Museum 

The overall history of Curacao is linked with the African slave trade and is displayed in the Kura Hulanda Museum. This museum shows the entire history along with all the facts. People who have an interest in getting to know about history can visit this location. They also have pictures and statutes of the old buildings that have been renovated now. 

Dolphin Academy Curacao 

In the Dolphin Academy Curacao, tourists get a chance to swim with dolphins. Curacao is already famous for having amazing marine life. Here tourists get the chance to be with people-friendly dolphins. Tourists can swim with them, touch them, and click pictures with them. 

There is also a trainer and host to ensure that everything goes smoothly, especially when someone is swimming with the dolphin.  

List of Hotels in Curacao 

The list here shows the best hotels that will make your entire vacation a lifetime experience. You can find the rates along with the activities that are given during the stay at the hotel. 

  1. Curacao Marriott Beach Resort 

This is a 5-star hotel located at a 15 minutes drive from the Airport. With the view of the sea from the balconies and a fantastic sight of the pool to keep the mind of tourists fresh. There are separate family and adult-only pools to fulfil the needs of all travelers. A separate kids club, snorkeling, and fitness center will make sure that you never run out of options to enjoy. One room with a king-size bed, sea view, and all the other facilities cost only 660 ANG, which is 360 Euros. 

  1. Renaissance Wing Creek Curacao Resort 

Renaissance has one unique feature among all the hotels; it has a private beach. This makes it a great place as you will never find a crowd and can swim carefree. There are lifeguards and security always available to ensure that there are no casualties. It has a vast pool that looks like a part of the sea and adds beauty to the overall area. 

Take a swim in the pool in the open air with a perfect view of the sea. For one day, the rooms that you can stay in cost only 390 ANG. As the name suggests, this hotel will give you a historical experience and a peaceful vibe. 

  1. Baoase luxury resort 

Baoase luxury resort gives the perfect vibes of being in the Maldives. There are villas for the tourists where they can spend their time in a private and peaceful environment. This is a five-star hotel located near the beach. The restaurant has outdoor as well as indoor service. Tourists mostly prefer to have food in the open air on the beach. 

One night at this resort costs around 1000 ANG, which gives lifetime memories. The facilities present at this hotel include breakfast, a private beach, a gym, and housekeeping. Every tourist also gets snorkeling equipment, beach toys, and afternoon snacks. Any person who wants something extra can ask for a personalized setup, and the management ensures that they fulfil all the requirements. 

  1. Dreams Curacao Resort 

This is a four-star, eco-friendly-certified resort. It is popular for having a spa and casino for all different kinds of tourists. Here the bookings can be cancelled for free too in case the tourist is unable to come. They have proper care for the protection and safety of their tourists. The beachfront view, spa, and pool add comfort and relaxation to the trip. One-day stay at this hotel costs around 712 ANG. This includes the free meal, breakfast, and snacks that are given in the evening. Also, every person who stays gets free access to the pool and to the beach.

  1. Avila Beach Hotel 

Avila hotel is being featured as the sexiest honeymoon resort that is present in Curacao and is perfect for couples.  This is also affordable as compared to the other hotels that are mentioned above. One night costs only around 409 ANG at this hotel. The hotel is very spacious, and the rooms are separate, giving freedom and privacy to all the people. 

The architecture of this hotel is entirely historical, along with two private beaches, one for families and one for adults. There is a very attractive house reef that you can find in most of the Inst5agram pictures. 

Curacao hotels and entertainment experiences – a quick look 

The world is full of beautiful locations, and Curacao is one of them. With different kinds of beaches for different experiences and fantastic nightlife, tourists love to visit it. One fact about this place is that everything stays open throughout the day and night. Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, you will always have multiple activities to choose from. There are more than 1000 casinos in the area that are mostly located in hotels. This place is completely safe, and the tourists are given respect and love by all the local people residing in the area. 

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