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One thing which you have to make sure before starting with your building plans is to make yourself familiar with the details of contracting with home builders whether minor or major. No doubt it is the task of every builder to take every step within your knowledge. Building a house is a stressful yet a time worthy process. You surely have to deal with different house builders and make your views clear to them. Here New Home Builders will help make your stress a little less by offering the incredible services of building homes.

A well known company of home and house builders knows how to have focus on every nitty-gritty detail for ending up exactly with what the customer has expected. We accept that acknowledging plus understanding the construction of models while building a house requires a lot of concentration. Format Homes will surely allow every client to share their views freely with us. Customizing a new plan for you or you are more than happy with our latest one, the decision is all up to you.

Out Display Homes are Available 24/7

Have you heard about our display villages and homes? If not then let us reveal this to you. Format Homes put exciting offers of villages and homes on display. Not only this, but also a 3D tour of every home and village is also entertained by us. Our consultants are easily available via call or you can also arrange a meet up personally. Along with other advantages, Formats Homes also comes up with the exciting advancement regarding contacting. Upon contacting the consultancy team of our New Home Builders, the first thing which makes it easy for you is our availability 24/7. Second, you will always talk to the same consultant no matter whenever you contact us. Following are the villages and homes we offer.


⦁ Seattle 3 (Total Area 263.5 sqm, House Width 8.99 m)
⦁ Madison 4 (Total Area: 299.63 sqm, House Width: 16.5 m)


⦁ Colorado 4 (Total Area: 255.73 sqm, House Width: 13.96 m)

Renovate Now with New Home Builders

New life, new style, new designs! You have been living in a home constructed for a long time requiring renovation? Or you simply want to give a new elegant look to your home? Renovation is now made easy with Format Homes. Knocking down your projects with perfection and rebuilding with even more perfection can be counted as the success of Format Homes. We offer six easy and simple steps to make your lifestyle a lavish one. Defined are the steps we take towards the renovation of your homes.

⦁ Initiate with a Start- Firstly all you have to do is to consult with our team to have plans in go. We offer flexibility as well as perfect plans for your goals.

⦁ Get Your Project Quote – This is the second step towards the finalization of your project. Our team quotes every finalized decision one step to another to make sure of the plan we have decided together.

⦁ Settling Up with Colors, Textures and Contract- Now is the time you will select the main view of how your home is supposed to look. Selection of every feature of your home can be concluded with us.

⦁ Approval of Renovating your Project by Format Homes- We as New Home Builders take full responsibility once you are connected with us. After viewing and ending up with you. Format Homes approves the documentation with the Council on the behalf of our clients. Then is the time to move on further.

⦁ Just a Little More Wait! – Now when everything is finalized from your side as well as from the council. The process of demolition will take place. We professionally demolish the old projects going on with the new one with the guarantee of every material used.

⦁ You are Now Ready to Live in Your New Home! – This is the time for you to enjoy and walk through your newly renovated home with Format Homes. After the completion of every step you will finally be given the keys of your own place in your hands. So start packing up, you are going to your new dream home!

Reasons to Prefer Format Homes

Renovation, Demolishing, Construction, all these processes take a long time right? So even just thinking of these makes you think about delaying your plans for some time. New Home Builders are a specialized team who are trained to fulfill your desires regarding your homes. Format Homes offers a variety of assistance for the customers so that you can live easily and happily in your homes.

With the award winning pride of 5 years, our team consults you in every aspect. Talking about the guarantee of material used, quality and otherwise necessary things. Format Homes value the money, time and most importantly the desires of every of our clients. You will not return disappointed once you reach us.

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