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Thanks to custom keychains, not all keys are created equal. Do you want to recognize the office keys on the fly or do you want to give a special gift to friends and family? Custom keychains are also a practical and versatile promotional item that you can give to clients and colleagues. You can customize them with your company logo to promote your business, or you can upload a family photo to create a special gift.

Once you’ve decided on the recipient of your custom keychain, upload your own design or create a new one in our easy-to-use online studio. You can add lots of custom details, like text and print. Once you’ve previewed the final design, we’ll take care of the rest. You will receive the keychains with photos or logos ready to be distributed at the next event or to be given to your loved ones.

Why to Choose Custom Keychains

Among the objects that certainly cannot be missing inside our bags and pockets, there are certainly the key rings. Practical accessories designed to keep together the numerous keys in our possession, there are those who carry more than one almost as if it were a real collection.

Thanks to a pinch of originality you can transform this little gadget into an object with a unique style. How? Personalizing it with your photographs and images!

You can choose between different models of custom keychains at a really affordable cost: from the classics that never fade like those in plastic and metal to the most elegant in crystal, arriving at the most innovative created as if they were photo books.

Materials of Custom Keychains

Different materials for your custom keychain: choose between metal, leather and wood

The custom keychains with photos are among the most popular gift ideas for all special occasions. It won’t be difficult to find the perfect accessory for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Father’s Day or the inauguration of a new home or shop, by choosing the right keychain to customize you can be sure of making the right choice.

A timeless classic are the custom metal key rings: elegant and with clean lines, they are available in many shapes, from the most popular rectangular to the romantic heart. There is obviously no lack of more original shapes, for example the rhombus or the pendant with a wavy structure. All models allow you to print a photo or image on a plate which will then be applied directly to the key ring.

Perfect to print with logos (for example for hotels or b & bs) or with colored photos, on the other hand, are the custom wooden keychains. These are unisex key rings, offered in different shapes such as circle, square, oval, heart and rectangle printed on the entire surface. The back has the particularity of being wood color, perfect for giving a touch of elegance to the pendant of your keys. The glossy print surface gives your photos an unprecedented brilliance and makes them look even more beautiful than digital format.

Most Popular Custom Keychains Models

Among the most popular models there are certainly the custom leather key rings ; elegant and refined are often chosen as a gift idea for occasions such as Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Available in heart, rectangular or round format, they are printed only on the front. The back is therefore white or available with glitter for the more glamorous customers.

The choice of our keychains to customize is obviously not limited only to these types: those looking for a gift of great effect can opt for a small crystal keychain, but with a unique appearance. For those who love practicality, custom keychains in transparent plastic or with colored piping are certainly perfect.

On the other hand, for those who want to give themselves or their loved ones a real collection of memories, photo book keychains are the ideal choice. Printable with 12 photos, they are real miniature photo books to always carry with you to have your best memories at hand.

Affordable Custom Keychains

The reason why these accessories are so popular with everyone and represent one of the main categories chosen to promote their corporate brand, for inaugurations or to create beautiful favors on the occasion of anniversaries such as first communions or baptisms, and much more is undoubtedly the their beauty which makes them definitely a fashion accessory. But another very valid reason is the low price, in fact we are talking about cheap custom keychains despite being made of high quality materials such as crystal or steel.

For many models, quantity discounts are also available, so buying more pieces of the same project the price will be cheaper given the discount applied.

Custom Keychains With Photos For all Occasions

The custom keychains with photos are treated in every detail and are perfect gadgets to use on all occasions. They are ideal for those who want to advertise a company and at the same time are the perfect gift for those who want to amaze for example on Valentine’s Day.

You can choose them for anniversaries such as: baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties or religious events to use as wedding favors or thank you gifts or donate them as promotional gadgets during a social event.

The wide choice of models, shapes, sizes and graphics available allows anyone to create the key ring that best suits their needs in just a few clicks and directly online, without having to download any software or program.

The most frequently asked questions about custom Keychains

Are there different keychain models?
You can choose the keychain model you prefer, among the many different types available, both in shape and material.

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Made of plastic
  • In crystal
  • Coin purse keychain
  • Photo book keychain

Is there a minimum quantity of keychains to purchase?
You can also buy a single keychain, you have no obligation to spend a minimum amount for your purchases on our site.

Can I make key rings with my logo?
You can print images, logos or texts on the keychain. We advise you not to insert too small characters, to avoid that the printout is illegible. You can contact our graphic designers for free at any time to ask for their opinion.

Why use the keychain as a gadget?
The custom keychains is one of the most popular items in the promotional gadget market, as it is used by everyone. But to distinguish your keychain from all the others, it must be truly original. Here you will find many types to choose from, to create a beautiful and unique accessory.

Is there a maximum number of colors that I can use for printing?
You can use any image, without limitation of colors, for the personalization of the keychain. The printing technique used allows you to reproduce your images in four colors, leaving the original colors of the image or logo unaltered. This printing does not involve cost differences, based on the number of colors used.

How can I be sure that the photo used is suitable and the final effect of the keychain will be what I expect?
Once the image has been loaded into the work table, the system automatically detects its quality and indicates with a yellow triangle the photo that is not suitable for printing the product. Thanks to the preview available on the site, you will have an accurate idea of ​​the final appearance of the product you will receive. After placing your order, expert graphic designers will further evaluate your photo by contacting you in case of obvious problems.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Production and delivery times depend on the option you choose when completing the order. If you want to urgently receive the keychain, you can choose a priority process, which includes the departure of the product, even on the day of the order.

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