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Sr. Roy Andrade, CEO, Cyber Boy Corp. Prepares for January 2021

Sr. Roy Andrade is known as the brain behind Cyber Boy Corp. He has been working boundlessly to establish his presence in Los Angeles County. He began Cyber Boy Corp. on March 20, 2020, with $42,000 in investment capital and hasn’t lost sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, and literally 8 minutes walking distance from Rodeo Drive.
Over the past 10 months, the company has built a strong brand that Principals can trust, and competitors can not ignore.

Cyber Crime is Increasing Day by Day in the U.K.

Cyber Boy Corp. executives strongly believe that cybersecurity is a necessity, but, is a part of our every day lives as more and more people connect to the world wide web. Cybercrime is on the rise with millions of computers being compromised day-to-day. Hacking and malware attacks are cybercrimes that Cyber Boy Corp. intends to mitigate in the future. Because more and more online businesses are appearing on the internet, user data security has become a target for cybercriminals and Sr. Roy Andrade knows the outcome of not having a disaster recovey plan prepared.

Sr. Roy Andrade studies day and night to accomplish his purpose in the IT world. He started Cyber Boy Corp. as an executive protection and private security firm to raise capital to start cybersecurity services in the future. Anyone who desires to hire protection agents and security guards for their house or office can communicate with Vanessa Cage, Marketing Director, or, Shawn Anderson, Manager, at 310-734-2729.

What did Sr. Roy Andrade During Our Interview?

“I can’t plant a seed and expect to pick grapes the next day. And there are a lot of things involved in agriculture. There are a lot of things involved in business and making it grow to where it becomes lucrative. There is nothing like watching a business develop. I’m watching Cyber Boy Corp. grow up!”

The Big Bang Theory

Cyber Boy Corp. is a successful executive protection firm in Beverly Hills, CA, and will provide cybersecurity services in the near future. Under his leadership, Sr. Roy Andrade has raised thousands of dollars to build his cybersecurity corporation. He has conducted dozens of interviews around the world and provides a wealth of knowledge to his loyal fans. According to Cyber Boy Corp., the United States is the most targeted country for cyber attacks. The company went on to explain that Ransomware is projected to attack one business every 13 seconds by the end of 2021

According to a 2020 statement by Cyber Boy Corp., Cyber threats are ever-evolving and may come from unsophisticated to sophisticated hackers. Due to common vulnerabilities, instances of security breaches occur across firms and in patterns that are difficult to predict. Sr. Roy Andrade’s confidence and ascertainment will improve his business model and help the company grow into a full-fledged tech company.

Sr. Roy Andrade stated in an interview earlier this year that he will ensure that Cyber Boy becomes just as famous as Mickey Mouse before his casket drops. Cyber Boy Corp. will also have various departments, such as, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

The CEO of the Company lost more than $750,000 in the stock market earlier this year due to the pandemic, but, has demonstrated his resiliency to suffer heart aches and pains by continuing to flourish in business. His losses came after JCPenney and Frontier Communications filed for bankruptcy. However, Sr. Roy Andrade holds shares in Cyber Boy Corp., Macerich, and Wells Fargo as of this publication.

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