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It comes as no surprise that Covid-19 brought devastating effects on the world as a whole. The repercussions of the pandemic on economic activity and employment were far-reaching and left their aftershocks even when the pandemic has almost gone away. All of these shocks can potentially impact subjective well-being and cause long-term consequences. The unprecedented challenges triggered by Covid-19 caused economic ripple effects on a global scale. The sudden emergence of the virus came as a severe blow to businesses and employees. As many countries imposed nationwide lockdowns to contain the virus, many companies were shut down, resulting in a surge in the unemployment rate. Many people had lost their jobs and were left with severe financial challenges to deal with. During these tough times, the founder of Art4Peace, Dame Munni Irone, stepped in to help those severely affected by the crisis. 

Dame Munni has devoted her life to humanitarian efforts as a passionate and active global peace leader. She has been able to achieve milestones in her life due to her intelligence. Over the years, her countless efforts and dividing of time for social causes have made her a global inspiration. Her endless passion for good deeds has helped her earn royal titles and multiple awards. 

During the pandemic, it was the time that had drawn Dame Munni’s attention to do what she had been doing for most of her life, this time on a more extensive scale. In the past, Dame Munni had helped many students in Los Angeles by paying their educational expenses to help them get on a professional track and secure a prosperous future. She has worked hard to create jobs and promote tourism through her Wisdomland International and Art4Peace Awards projects. 

Earning the moniker of “Philanthrophist Queen of Beverly Hills.”

Doing good deeds is everyone’s primary responsibility, regardless of the circumstances and context. Everybody is required to do good deeds as a moral obligation and win the people’s hearts. The deeds done in this world can elevate an individual to take place in the hearts of fellow beings. Good deeds first strike in mind, and they are subsequently drawn in to doing it for the better. This also drives Dame Munni, and due to her extensive services to society, she earned the moniker of the “Philanthropist Queen of Beverly Hills.” She has also contributed her services to people residing in Beverly Hills. She continues to serve a broad range of diverse communities in the world and whoever comes into her life. Dame Munni has campaigned for her initiative to bring a wave of global peace to almost fifty countries within the seven continents around the world. Her peace initiative steers all her projects for worldwide healing and to make the world a better place to live. 

Giving shelter during the pandemic

Before the pandemic spread its roots into the world, homelessness was already a rising concern. The covid-19 further deteriorated the already challenging situation, and many people who lost their jobs could not pay their rent. Dame Munni had previously raised her voice regarding the homeless people in Los Angeles. It was time that she had to widen her efforts more to deal with the situation. However, Dame Munni had already embarked on the journey to provide shelter since the 1980s. Still, during the pandemic, it had become much of her focus to help those affected by the pandemic in terms of unemployment which played a part in homelessness. 

She founded Wisdomland International, the first self-sustaining shelter to run on a check and balance system. Dame Munni founded this organization to build a five-star shelter for men, women, children, and animals. With this project, she is immersed in training them to be self-sufficient. She is dedicated, devoted, and passionate about her project, and she has never asked anyone to make donations. All of her projects are funded by herself. 

In short, Dame Munni has completed the purpose of her life and found out how to put together all the puzzle pieces to get the best out of her projects to leave a positive impact on the world to the best of her power. 

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