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Gambling is supposed to be fun, rather than stressful and it should be kept as a hobby and not something that completely takes over your life. However, there are far more forms of gambling today and the fact that they are all available online, means that they are there to tempt people 24/7.

Gambling has been in society throughout history but today’s technology has made gambling something of a mainstream leisure activity and this has posed certain problems within society – play now.

Online Gambling 

Before online gambling was invented, punters would have had to visit traditional gambling environments to get their gambling kicks. These were mostly limited to betting shops, land-based casinos and arcades. This acted like a deterrent for some, as many individuals were not prepared to visit these places for various reasons. The invention of online gambling removed this barrier and since 1996, the uptake in highly addictive forms of gambling, such as slots has increased rapidly. 

The fact that these games can be played from the privacy of people’s own homes has helped fuel interest in slots. They can even be played on mobile devices whilst you are on the go. There are hundreds of games to choose from and hundreds of places where they can be played. Joining online casinos is fast and simple and this has also added to the popularity of gambling. 

Slots Addiction 

Slots have become the most popular form of gambling and the reasons behind this are many. Apart from the already mentioned easy accessibility, the games themselves are an assault on the senses. The graphics continue to improve, the win potential is also higher now than it has ever been thanks to progressive jackpots, but most importantly, they are thrilling and fun to play. Slots are an extremely fast form of gambling and again, this appeals to the younger gamblers. Online slots also allow punters to bet high and this can be dangerous if you cannot really afford to be a high stake’s gambler. Because slots are speed gambling, you could find yourself losing large sums of money fast, particularly if you max out on each spin. This can then lead to other dangers such as chasing losses and gambling whilst angry. 

Other Warning Signs 

Other warning signs include getting addicted to the chemical rush associated with gambling. Your body actually releases adrenaline when you gamble, and dopamine floods the brain. If you gamble because you are stressed, depressed or have suffered from a recent bereavement, then the chemical reactions caused by gambling, can also mask these problems, by giving you a temporary high. 

This can unfortunately lead to the formation of compulsive gambling and this is a dangerous behavioural trap to get caught up in. The other signs of addiction include neglecting your work and other vital responsibilities. Continuing to gamble even though you are in debt, lying to hide the fact that you are gambling, borrowing money to gamble and denying that you have a gambling problem in the first place.

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