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Coway products use advanced technology to keep dirt and germs away from homes and promote better hygiene. Customers can purchase items outright or with monthly rental

Malaysia: Clean air and water are essential for healthy living, but pollution is a major problem. Health Planner Daniel Jong from Sarawak Kuching, Malaysia, is helping families take advantage of technology that offers access to clean air and water.

Daniel joined Coway to achieve his dream of helping families live better life through advanced technology. The company offers water purifiers, air purifiers, mattresses, and filters, for homes, living rooms, bathrooms, and outdoor use.

Coway allows customers to acquire products through either outright payment or monthly rental options. That way, every family will have the opportunity to own high-quality products that add value to their lives without breaking the bank.

“Working as a Health planner in Coway for 2 years now, I realize that it is not just hitting targets or making a lot of money that excites me; the bigger purpose is to help more families to become healthier and happier with what our company can offer,” said Daniel Jong, Coway Agent. “My business coverage is not just in Sarawak but the whole of Malaysia; as long there are people, we are willing to work with you to get healthier.”

Clean water is essential for good health because it helps to promote proper hygiene and protect people from diseases. Coway has over 10 different water purification products that feature modern technology like Neo-sense, RO membrane, and antibacterial.

Fossil fuel, car exhaust, dust, and factory smoke lead to air pollution and environmental hazards that cause sickness like respiratory disease and brain damage. With products like LOMBOK3, TUBA, STORM, and BREEZE, families can protect themselves from the dangers of air pollution. The products have advanced air purification and filtering technology that prevents air pollutants from getting into people’s homes. Customers can sleep better, wake up fresh and vital, and improve productivity by using Coway’s high-quality mattresses.

Families need the help of a specialist to decide on suitable devices and products to live a better life. Daniel is always ready to assist customers by providing them with a free consultation and support to get more clarity about what they need and make the right decisions.

“Coway also sells Prime series mattress with Mattress Care service, our 7 step mattress care service helps to ensure the mattress is clean and hygiene, because people usually don’t clean their bed, there is sweat, dandruff, dead skin, all of this is food to bed mite or dust mite, causing various skin and sensitive problem.”

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Coway manufactures modern devices for water and air purification. The company invests heavily in research and development to create products that solve problems and make families live better lives.




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