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Danny MastersonDanny Masterson

An American actor, DJ, and a controversial celebrity of Hollywood.  As per the multiple resources, danny masterson net worth is $22 million which is the collective figure of his wife Bijou Phillips. He is famous for starring in sitcoms, which started with Hyde in That 70s Show (1998-2006), Milo Foster in Men at Work (2012-2014), and Rooster Bennett in Rsnch (2026-2018). These are a few exceptional performances of his life that made him a famous and successful multitalented star however with this much talent he was involved in a convicted crime. 

Danny Masterson was a also member of the Church of Scientology and his wife Bijou Philips was also part of it. He has a good relationship with her wife publicly and has a kid with his wife Bijou Philips. He is suited by four women for sexual harassment and found guilty. 

Life of Danny Masterson 

Danny his full name is Danny Peter Masterson, born in Long Island, New York on 13th March 1976. He was brought up in Garden City and East Williston. Danny Masterson connected with the entertainment industry from the start of his age. From the age of four, he was cast as a child model for multiple magazines and commercials. At the age of eight, he became an actor, Danny Masterson played in a number of musicals from the age of ten to sixteen he was not too involved in the mainstream media. Moreover, he participated in over 100 commercials for brands like Clearasil, Tang Kellogg’s, and many more brands. 

 More about Danny Masterson

Source of wealth Film, Music, and Television
Birth PlaceAlbertson, NY, USA
Weight 72 Kg
Marital StatusMarried (Bijou Philips)
Full NameDaniel Peter “Denny” Masterson
Nationality American 
Date of Birth March 13, 1976
Ethnicity Irish 
Occupation Actor, Disc Jockey and Businessman
Children 1 Fianna Francis

The Career of Danny Masterson 

Danny Masterson started his career at the age of four. His main gig which made it famous from Beethoven’s 2nd. It was a time when he got the limelight. In the early 90s, he started his own sitcom “Cybill”. After a successful 2 seasons, the show was windup and he started from some other shows like “That 70s Show”.

That 70s show has proven as a hike of  Danny Masterson’s career. This show continued for 8 seasons which was a great contribution to danny masterson net worth. After this show, he appeared in Punk’d and MADtv. Also in 2008, he appeared in the film “Yes Man”, In 2009 Jim Carrey, worked with his wife Bijou Philips on the Bridge to Nowhere. As an actor, he also participated in the series white collar, The Chicago 8, In 2012 he worked in the comedy series Men at Work.

Their artistic journey was so long that he started making money at the age of four and continued his journey with multiple artistic forms. 

Danny Masterson’s relationships, Legal issues

Danny Masterson Relationship Status and Journey 

In 2005, Danny Masterson started dating Bijou Philips, as Danny Masterson Bijou Phipplis was also connected with the Church Scientology they got engaged in 2009 and they officially got married in 2011. Their first kid was born in 2014 and they had a great life with them. 

Legal Issues of Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson was very sorted in his life till 2017. In the year 2017, four women filed the allegation of sexual assault. They accuse Danny Masterson made them drunk and then he raped them. Those women were also the part of Church of Scientologists. 

It became a big scandal when Danny Masterson denied the allegation in 2019 More women came across and filed lawsuits against Danny Masterson and the Church of Scientologists. Those women the allegation that the Church of Scientologists had been chased by car did the blackmail. Long story short Danny is convicted for over 30 years. 

Real State is also part of Danny Masterson’s net worth 

In 2007, it was in many mainstream media that Danny Masterson was selling his home which is in Holly Mont Drive in LA. which contains the worth of $1.595 million. Which contains a four-bedroom residence with a luxury interior and a huge private pool, hot tub, yard terraced, and 2-car garage. 

In 2020 when he was struggling with a lawsuit Danny Masterson shifted from Hollywood Hills. At that moment he left Santa Ynez. He purchased a house of 4323 square feet which is worth $2.995 in 2007. 

Due to charges of rape, Danny Masterson made a bond of 3.3 million for getting a release. He sold his Hollyridge Drive home to make that bond. In December 2021 he sold his home which was earlier listed at $7 million. 

The net worth of Danny Peter Masterson is around $22 million and on one side he has a lavish lifestyle and well known and loved personality however, in 2007 he got involved in rape with 4 women with it he lost a lot of money. 

Summing up

Danny Masterson is a famous American actor and DJ who started his career as a child artist. Since his childhood, he worked for multiple magazines and commercials and started earning in the very initial period of his life. Due to the limelight, his personal life is always in public. As an actor, he was cast in multiple movies as a series. His first famous gig was Beethoven’s 2nd after that he got multiple roles. He also started his own sitcom Cybill that also appreciated by the audiences, These two gigs were the hike of his career, and in the entertainment industry, he made a lot of money from it. danny masterson net worth is 22 million dollars. Due to his allegation of sexual harassment to get away with it, he spent a lot of money as well as found guilty. He owns multiple properties in LA and other states of the United States.

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