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Dark Joseph Ravine often travels locally to his favorite travel destination, Niagara Falls, Ontario. He enjoys visiting the Falls in the summer. Niagara Falls has many fun entertainment places, such as Clifton Hill, the Great Canadian Midway, Falls Avenue Resort, Americana Resort, and more. In Niagara Falls, there is always something fun to do in almost every part of the city. Niagara-on-the-Lake consists of historical landmarks and towns of old resembling those of the 1900s.

When Ravine comes to Niagara Falls, he feels welcomed immediately. The vast majority of people and business owners in the Niagara region are warm and friendly to all tourists. The pleasant atmosphere is felt by one and all. Dark Joseph Ravine feels the excitement in the air. He notes, “When I travel to the Niagara region on vacation, a lot of people are so nice. There is just something about the Niagara region that has a vibe of happiness.” When a travel destination brings tourists a feeling of happiness, they are more likely to return, he notes.

Ravine highly recommends visiting Clifton Hill and Fun by the Falls, owned by HOCO Entertainment and Resorts. He has been going there since 2007. He also enjoys the Great Canadian Midway and the arcade places at Clifton Hill. Ravine says, “I am always so excited to go to the Midway and other arcade places at Clifton Hill. They are always happy when I win, and they are so family-oriented. The employees of these arcade places have the same life mission as I do, which is to spread kindness and to be good to one another.

Winning a lot and having a lot of people watch me and cheer me on brings me great happiness and motivation to continue spreading kindness while on vacation.” Ravine recommends that other businesses learn from Clifton Hill. The employees show their customers care and concern, as well as warmth. This makes their customers more likely to return and recommend the place to friends.  Kindness like this is powerful and can lead to further success.

Ravine likes to return to the Niagara region every so often for vacation. Each time he returns home, he feels completely refreshed. He believes a vacation destination such as Niagara Falls helps to deal with unwanted stress and feelings of unhappiness. It is important to note that Niagara is not a perfect place, but for Ravine, it’s as close to perfect as it gets. “Tourists can make amazing memories here and look forward to coming on vacation here. I am always excited to visit the Niagara region. There is a great feeling to be had every time I travel here.” Niagara Falls. Canada is a worthwhile destination to look into. There is something enjoyable for tourists of all ages, as the Falls has a lot to offer everyone, enhanced by its positive atmosphere.

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