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The Sacrifices You Make When Climbing the Career Ladder

When I was younger I can always remember my Dad’s friend David Serna talking about how much he missed the nitty gritty of the law firm which he worked in. David had done very well for himself and he came up from the bottom to become a partner at the firm. This was a sacrifice which of course he was prepared to make, given the extra power and salary which he was able to earn, but it stuck with me what he said regarding what he missed. 

Having now done something similar in my career, I understand exactly what David was referring to, and there are sacrifices which you make as you climb the ladder. 

The Hustle

 Whilst being further to the top of the tree comes with many privileges, there is something very true in what David said, and you do miss the hustle which you are involved in at the beginning. A friend of mine works in forensics and now that he is a manager, he no longer goes to crime scenes or reviews evidence. This was what he dedicated his education to, and now he is no longer able to do it because he climbed the ladder, this is a sacrifice which all managers must make. 

Personal Time

If you took two people in the same job and plotted the path of both over a 10 year period, one goes up the ladder and the other is content where they are, the latter would have spent a much greater time with their friends and family. This is unfortunately the nature of the beast and it is a sacrifice which is made as you are trying to work harder to climb the ladder. Missing moments can happen when you are trying to reach the top. 

Friendships at Work 

Any true friend will want to see you do well but when you are at work and then trying to get above people, there is some resentment which can be expected. It is not just this, but you simply cannot be the same with your colleagues when you are a leader, as you could when you were at the same level as them.


It is not only personal time with friends and family that you may miss out on, but also the opportunity to pursue your own interests. For anyone who is really serious about working their way up the ladder, they have to be wholly committed and dedicate as much time as possible in their ambitions. This often leaves little time away from work, and that results in the foregoing of additional hobbies and interests. There is of course time to have a life, but there are some limitations which others don’t have. 

It is always worthwhile working your way up the career ladder and in doing so you will have a better position, power, money and success, it is worth noting however that there are some sacrifices to be made along the way. 

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