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Season’s Premier League

Last year was without question one of the strangest Premier League seasons that we have ever seen. “I say this not only because Liverpool absolutely destroyed everyone who was in front of them, in spite of what top UK sites predicted, but also because of the way that it finished given the global pandemic. My buddy David Serna and I recently met up for a drink after lockdown measures were relaxed and he was very keen to get my predictions on what would happen this year. Given that the summer break is far shorter this year we are just weeks away from a new season, and we both cannot wait. I thought I‘d share what I said to David, to see whether or not you all agree with me.

Fourth Place – Manchester United

Manchester United had a great finish to last season and they were worthy in the end of their fourth placed finish. This season they will be much stronger given that Portuguese sensation Bruni Fernandes is there from the beginning of the season. With this being said however I don’t see a title run for the Red Devils as I don’t think that they have the defense to cope with it and there are too many fair weather players.

Third Place – Liverpool

What Klopp has done at Liverpool has been nothing short of sensational and they will go down as one of the greatest ever PL teams. I don’t see them doing the same again this year however but I certainly see them being there until the end. A slightly aging squad and no guarantees that new transfers will do the business will hamper Liverpool this season, especially with so many games packed in given the shortness of the season. There won’t be much in it, but third place is where I see the Redmen finishing.

Second – Chelsea

Chelsea last year lost games they should have won, they bullied teams on the attack and they did eventually shore up that defense. Lampard knows this team well and he will be pushing for a title bid this year. Those young players are a year older and the likes of Loftus-Cheek and Hudson-Odoi are fit and ready to fire. Add to the mix new signings like Thiago Silva, Timo Werner and Havitz, and that is a club which is ready for war.

First – Manchester City

There is no way that Guardiola will want a repeat of last season and he also has the bit between his teeth following the reaction to the FFP sanctions. Guardiola will make moves in the transfer window and with Raheem Sterling and KDB in their prime, this year will see them once again crowned champions of England. I don’t see City steamrolling the league as they have done in the past and the title may go to the final games of the season, ultimately however I think it will be their name on the trophy.

How do you see this season panning out?

By David Smith

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