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The correct operation and maintenance of the busbar machine are very crucial for production efficiency as well as product quality because it is a vital tool in the electricity generation and distribution sector. However, due to many things that may occur, operators usually make mistakes concerning how these machines should run. Such errors will not only disrupt smooth running of machinery but can also lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. This article is meant to clarify the usual errors of misconceptions about the operating of busbar machines aimed at assisting operators to use them effectively without compromising their safety.

1. There is no need for a close inspection prior to starting the busbar machine.

It is an extremely risky mistake to make. Every machinery has to undergo a thorough examination so that one can be sure that everything is alright with it before commencing on using such equipment. This is among the key guidelines given by any busbar machine supplier when one decides buy busbar machine. It becomes even more crucial for busbar machines to be examined before they start operating. This involves looking out for anything wrong such as normality of electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic systems in/on the apparatus; tightness of parts and availability of sharp cutters among other issues. The operations that follow can only take place if it has been verified that the equipment is functioning properly. Otherwise, malfunctions within the equipment might result in grave consequences.

2. The busbar machine easily operates and needs no specialized education.

Even though it may appear simple, a busbar machine is a highly sophisticated device. The operators are expected to understand some fundamental things about how each part operates including structure, principle, performance as well as procedures used in operating before ensuring that all goes well and nothing endangers workers while inside it. For that reason, anyone working under an operator as far as taking up duties with the busbar machine has undergone some form of training meeting certain standards set by relevant authorities like universities offering such courses across the world. The belief that operating a busbar machine is simple and does not call for specialized training is entirely false.

3. It is possible to change any of the busbar machine’s parameters.

Such parameter settings on busbar machines are specific for determining how it should work and what its actual output was in relation to given specifications of processing and equipment capabilities; hence they are non-adjustable anyhow. In case there is haphazard adjustment of parameters, then the equipment might fail to function well or lead to unsafe conditions. So while changing the busbar machine parameters, operators must adhere to operating procedures as prescribed by manufacturers and with support from experts. Also, records of parameter changes made should be kept so that they can follow up on their management later.

4. Busbar machine maintenance is not important

Every apparatus must be serviced often so that it can function properly for a very long time. However, in the busbar machines, one needs to keep up with the maintenance activities very seriously. The busbar machine causes some wear and vibration effects while operating; therefore failure to carry out maintenance may result in reduction of equipment performance or cause harm to it. This is why it is crucial that operators should constantly keep on maintaining the busbar machine like ensuring that they clean the equipment, change the oil, confirm if all bolts are tight enough using simple engineering tests etc. Also, there should be records of what has been done during maintenance for tracking and controlling any future issues.

5. The busbar machine can work continuously for a long time

In spite of being effective and automated processing machinery, the busbar machine is not designed to run non-stop over extended periods. Long hour continuous working will lead to overheating as well as high wearing rate thus affect its performance and life too. Therefore operators should plan their working and resting hours in such a way that they don’t operate this machinery continuously for a very long time. Besides, the equipment itself should also monitor closely to see any change in temperature and operation modes that might indicate emerging issues which require immediate attention.

6. There is no need to pay attention to safety matters when operating the busbar machine

Safety forms part and parcel of the everlasting nature within which all operations concerning busbar machines take place in industries. Operating personnel must strictly follow safety guidelines and take precautionary measures like wearing protective clothing, keeping away from moving parts of machinery, staying at work position until it stops etc. They have to ensure that they remain focused and calm while avoiding dangerous acts including fatigue or drunk operations. Indeed, safety can only allow smooth progress in production activities.

7. Failure to pay attention busbar machine molds management and replacement

Molds are important consumables in the busbar machining process, and their quality and status directly affect the processing quality and efficiency. However, some operators neglect the management and replacement of molds. They may use one instrument over an extended period without changing or fixing anything on it; this leads to wearing out the molds which becomes a serious issue concerning processing such as poor quality while also posing danger in certain cases. As a result, they should carry out routine checks as well as repairs and replacements of moulds so that cutters are left in optimum conditions for performing their functions. Additionally, the usage of moulds should be documented and controlled so that follow-up audits can be made easier.

8. Poor treatment given during breakdowns of busbar machines by operators

When a busbar machine fails, some operators may adopt improper handling methods, such as dismantling the equipment at will, forcibly starting the equipment, etc. These improper handling methods not only fail to solve the problem, but may aggravate the failure or even cause new safety accidents. Therefore, operators must remain calm and adopt correct handling methods when facing a busbar machine failure. First of all, cease any activity involving the apparatus forthwith and disconnect all sources supplying electricity; then examine closely for malfunction root; lastly act accordingly depending on why it failed and inform experts who will fix it immediately. 

9. Failure to attend to lubrication and cooling system of busbar machine

Lubrication and cooling are important guarantees for the normal operation of the busbar machine. Good lubrication can reduce equipment wear, noise and vibration; while effective cooling can reduce equipment temperature and prevent problems such as thermal deformation and thermal cracks. However, some operators overlook the importance of these two systems. They may not change or add fresh lubricating oil for months on end; they might also ignore the flow rate as well as exchange of cooling water. Such practices can lead to deterioration in equipment function or even spoil it entirely. Therefore, operators must regularly inspect and maintain both systems to ensure they are in good working order.

10. One does not need to keep servicing the busbar machine just as it is indicated for maintenance by the producer.

Many busbar equipment requires maintenance during the warranty period according to the maintenance recommendations of the busbar machine manufacturer. If it is not maintained regularly according to the factory requirements, the wear and corrosion of the busbar equipment will be greatly increased, thereby reducing the service life of the equipment.

To sum up, we can see that there are many common misunderstandings about how busbars work. These misunderstandings have a negative impact on both normal operations and safety at various production facilities. Such wrong practices lead to unnecessary loss in business and individual levels; therefore debunking such mistakes and taking on board proper ways of operating is crucial in order to ensure continuous functioning as well as safe working environment of electrical machinery and equipment employed at busbar systems. Manufacturers alone cannot do this; individuals and industries should engage themselves through studies aimed at enhancing operators’ skills that would provide them with tips on using and caring for busbars correctly.

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