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Acute and persistent sinus infections are both rather prevalent. Approximately 10 percent of the population suffers from sinusitis each year. Not only are sinus infections and difficulties frequent, but myths about sinusitis are just as prevalent. Sinusitis is often misunderstood since many people don’t grasp what causes it. Other misconceptions have origins in folklore or tales handed down orally from generation to generation. Even if you don’t believe any of these rumors, understanding the truth and the lies about sinus infections will help you get the therapy you need to get back on your feet. So, if you would like to seek Midtown East sinus surgery, you should first consider the following myths, and learn the truth.

Sinusitis is very contagious.

A viral illness like the flu or a cold may cause sinusitis. The virus is contagious, the sinusitis is not contagious but can progress. Even if a virus causes your sinusitis, it doesn’t imply that the next person who contracts the virus will also develop sinusitis. 

Sinus infections need the use of an antibiotic at all times.

Many individuals are taking antibiotics they don’t need since sinus infections are often over diagnosed. To use antibiotics to treat an ailment that does not exist is a waste of time and might lead to an increase of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Viral sinusitis is the most typical situation. Within a week to ten days, most viral infections clear up on their own, and medications are unnecessary. If your sinus pressure and colorful discharge have persisted for more than seven to ten days, you should contact your primary care physician, who may prescribe an antibiotic.

A runny nose is the only indicator of a sinus problem

A runny nose is not the only sign of a sinus condition. Sinusitis may also cause discomfort or pressure in the face and difficulty smelling. Some less frequent sinusitis symptoms include fever, bad breath, exhaustion, and pain in the dental arch. It is crucial to contact a doctor to discover whether sinusitis or another health condition is to blame for these symptoms.

You can alleviate congestion with a nasal spray

Regarding long-term congestion alleviation, a nasal spray is not an option. Certain nasal sprays might cause one to rely on the product if used for more than a few days. Nasal spray dependence is so well-known that it has its term: “rhinitis medicamentosa.” This term describes the unpleasant side effect of nasal decongestants, namely persistent nasal congestion.

Physical constraints necessitate surgery as the sole choice

Many individuals believe surgery is the only way to deal with physical limitations. Sinusitis may not be curable with any other method. This is not a viable solution; in reality, several elements contribute to sinus infection. Surgery is always considered the final resort after exploring all other alternatives. Even though surgery may seem intrusive, it is a safe operation that may be completed without risking your health.

It is crucial for people with sinus problems to know what those symptoms are. Visiting an otolaryngologist may help you better understand your symptoms and your therapy choices. Taking the necessary actions to care for yourself may dramatically improve your quality of life and help you live more comfortably if you suffer from acute or chronic sinusitis.

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