Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Employee experience has become the loci of a modern day work force. At the base of this notion is the idea that employees are your customers. In a tight labor market, where retention is becoming the impossible utopia with every minute, the need is for Talent Managers who are not just good, but the best at their job.

When you treat employees as your customers then it is up to Talent Management Professionals to sell the jobs. And the priority is to reach the pinnacle of organizational excellence by recruiting and retaining the best talent. The changing economies, millennials switching jobs in a span of a year or two, the complexities of current job roles are making retention one of the biggest challenges. What talent managers need today is to step up their game and build effective engagement and retention strategies, while adding the top talent in the team.

The solution to current challenges of retention lie in building a proficient talent management unit. However, the biggest hurdle is the presence of a vacuum in the talent management skill pool. It leaves a huge swath of area unexplored for talent management opportunities, which will be pivotal in the years to come. As human resource related jobs will grow at the rate of 9% till 2026, the demand for skilled Leadership in talent management will rise.

2018 saw 660K jobs for posted for talent management professionals. 45% of these jobs remain unfulfilled. Finding the right Talent Management Specialist, who can drive a successful campaign towards organizational change leading to excellence might be a big challenge. We have people eager to be there in the Talent Management zone with salaries annual starting $50,028 going up to $ 177,441 for leadership roles, but the ‘when, how and where’ of getting the right candidate to the right profile creates a vacuum.

Understanding the road ahead will help us prepare Talent Managers today. Talent Management Opportunities and Challenges 2019, Factsheet brings forward the opportunities and challenges that Talent Management Professionals face as companies and the entire corporate ecosystem gear for a change that will lead them to a learning oriented company. It looks into detail the countries and the companies that are putting their first and best foot forward towards honing Talent Management Skills. Understand the skill deficits and why a career in talent management can be an enticing avenue to a whole new world of opportunities and growth.

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