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Kids play zones have become hugely popular among kids. Wherever you see, there are kids play zones mushrooming up. In Mumbai, due to space constraints, you will find parents looking out for kids play areas where they are able to do all kind of physical activity indoors. For the toddler age group, kids play zones are hugely popular. Once the child is a bit older and independent, parents look out for classes near their residence.

But, if you have a toddler and are looking for kids play zone in Mumbai, here are some parameters that you can check:

  • Variety of Play Options

Free play type, play on equipment and gaming arena are some of the kind of kids play zones. Depending on the interest and age of your child, you can choose the kids play zone that suits you. In free play type of play zone, there are role play activities that your child can indulge in. Slides, ball pools, rollers etc are the equipment found in play areas. Sometimes, you may also get a play zone that has a mix of both role play and equipment play. Gaming arcades are a different concept altogether but to keep kids away from the screen, the other two are preferred.

  • Education Quotient

There are kids play zones that are fun as well as educational. Look for such places where learning is incorporated with fun. Kidzania is one such play zone where kids can do role play activities and indulge in experiential learning.

  • Supervision

It is important to check if the kids are being supervised or not in the play zone. The staff at the kids play zone should be alert and friendly. They should be well trained to handle kids of all age groups. Also, check for CCTV in the play area so that you can also keep an eye on your kids.

  • Hygiene

Hygiene is an important aspect of indoor play areas. Look for play areas that are clean and disinfected. Cleanliness can be easily checked by looking at the play area. As far as disinfection is concerned, you can check with the manager of the kids play zone.

  • Safety

Safety is an important aspect and should not be compromised at any cost. Most of the kids play zones are a safe area. However, wherever there are giant slides, you must look for safety arrangements there. Crowding of kids can also be a safety concern. So, you must choose kids play zone where only a limited number of kids can enter. This discipline is important to maintain for safety.

  • Value for Money

Most of the kids play zones either charge on an hourly basis or on per day basis. The bigger ones like Kidzania have many activities to offer. So, it is not difficult to pass the whole day there. But, smaller play zones can be enjoyed in a short duration also. Depending on the activities that the kids play zone offers, you can decide whether it is worth the money that they are charging or not.

Indoor kids play zones provide a safe and regulated environment for kids. Here, they can feel safe supervised and play to their heart’s content. While looking for kids play zone in Mumbai, also consider the distance from your house. You wouldn’t want your little one to be tired by the time you reach the kids play zone.

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