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Marriage is the most special moment in one’s life. The anniversary of this special moment is worth an ostentatious celebration. After all, your relationship fills the happiness in both of your family members’ life too. Revelling this day allows you to rejoice the auspicious event again and forbids from extinguishing the spark between you.

While going to order cake online in Bangalore for carousing your anniversary, it should be charming like you and light years ahead of the regular chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla cakes you often have. When you are searching for a unique wedding anniversary cake design then stop your search as in the next 5 minutes you will explore some of the luscious cakes with exquisite décor.

Blueberry Fantasy

The slightly tangy blueberries provide a savoury taste when it amalgamates with the soft spongy cake. The touch of blueberry flavour perfectly balances the smack of this cake. The topping of cherries, blueberries, white chocolate, and choco-flowers makes it more interesting and colourful just like your bonding. It becomes irresistible due to the strawberry sauce spread over it.

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Black Forest Photo Cake

The black forest cake doesn’t need any overture. The divine taste of the chocolaty sponge covered with the fusion of cherry sauce and whipped cream in each layer provides the ultimate lusciousness. Give your favourite black forest cake a twist of your love. Imprint your lovely couple picture on it to make it an impeccable wedding anniversary cake.

Rosy Strawberry Cake

The strawberry cakes always look romantic. How about bestowing this romantic strawberry cake, a spin of the absolute epitome of love, rose. Have a strawberry cake covered with lovely roses made with strawberry flavoured fondant art. Sprinkling silver balls all over make the cake look dazzling. This is obtainable in romantic heart shape also.

Alluring Chocolate Truffle Cake

Who can say no to have a mouthful bite of a truffle cake? This cake itself looks so striking that’s why it doesn’t need any frosting to make it look appealing. Pick a big one and imprint your marriage photo on a part of it. The mouth-watering chocolate sticks surrounded make it look as spectacular as your relationship is.

Pineapple Cake with Cherry Delight

This amusing cake is just perfect for the marriage anniversary party. This cake delights your taste buds with every single bite. The whipped cream covered cake garnished with pineapple slices and cherries makes it just right for leaving the lovebirds mesmerised. Want to enthral the lovely couple on their anniversary? Grasp this one from the florist providing flowers delivery in gurgaon.

Fondant Vanilla Cake to Complement Your Love Story

The classy vanilla flavoured cake never gets unpopular at any event. When you want to surprise your loved one praising your love story this cake can do your chore. The complete white vanilla cake topped with two birds bestows the iconic representation of you two as a couple mentioning “Together Since the year of your wedding”. This is a fascinating way of commemorating your love.

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Heart-Shaped White Forest Cake

A big white forest cake can become the centre of attraction of any bash. The heart-shaped white forest cake absolutely represents the celebration of a wedding anniversary. The simple decoration of red cherries makes it look heavenly and it’s so scrumptious that anyone gets compelled to ask more.

Yummy Brownie Cake with Chocolate Roses

Brownie cake is one of the most popular cake recipes today. The bit crunchy cake with crushed chocolate icing make it very tempting. When it is the occasion of your anniversary the cake is offered with numerous chocolate roses as the topping. Cherish the seductive dark chocolate essence in each bite. Don’t get conscious about the calorie as it is yummier but less sugary.

Adoring Red Velvet Cake

A red velvet cake is yummy, attractive and harmonises with none other than a celebration of love. When you are planning to buy cakes online at midnight to rejoice the day all alone then grab this red velvet cake to experience a quality romantic time with your soul mate.

Coffee Cake with Choco Lush

This cake is the best assortment for the caffeine-addicted couples. This strong coffee-flavoured cake is all going to overwhelm your soul mate. This cake is glazed with opulent chocolaty cream mentioning “Forever Love” with the couple’s name.


Have you got your desired anniversary cake idea? Find the best online cake delivery in Bangalore to buy one of these delectable cakes available for your anniversary party.


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