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As globalization sweeps the world and more women are stepping out to work, socialize, play and lead more active lives. Fashion is no more the prerogative of a select few. That is where Denim is a great leveller and especially so for women’s fashion. The need for convenience to be fused with style is something showcased perfectly by women’s denim coats and jackets. These women’s coats and jackets can easily be put on, hung up and complement every style. Hence they can be paired with a variety of garments for easy styling and fit into an active lifestyle.

Women’s fashion brands across the world have been quick to notice this trend and our it with the much needed attributes in fashion for modern women. These attributed are the outcome of a modern, active and demanding stylish lifestyle – which is precisely where fashionably cut Denim comes in. A tough, versatile, adaptable, chic fabric, with fashionable cuts and drapes…Suits the modern stylish woman. A denim jacket for women is ideal for that walk in the park or a quick shopping trip to the mall for getting the monthly essentials. In today’s model lifestyle and approaches, women’s denim jackets are available in various cuts, colours, styles and hues.

What is more alluring than a woman in a black denim jacket and Stetson hat? Or a woman in s blue denim coat riding a bike? – It is precisely this unique appeal of denim that makes it s must- have for every wardrobe – a woman’s denim jacket or coat can be paired with either social, leisure or routine activities.  And with practically any combination – it can go beautifully with a follback, a checked or formal shirt, a round neck or v neck t-shirt, or a plain blouse! Pair it with slim pants or bootcut jeans and you are set for a day out or for that special evening – you cannot go wrong with this.

There are quite a few days to get the best out of women’s denim jackets and coats – pair one with flowing skirt, a button-down and baseball cap. Pair with sneakers or as a layering to add that glitz to your overall look. The use of vibrant colours in women’s denim jackets is a sure winner – it sets you apart from the crowd. Consider buttoning a jacket to the top – it is yet 1 more way to wear it, paired with a skirt or trousers. Colours, layers, styling and accessorising – there are many ways to show off your denim jacket!

A frilly, flow skirt can be the perfect partner for your denim jacket – it enhances your feminity like nothing else. A black denim jacket can replace your classic blazer and give you a glamour that can’t be matched! Opt for a short skirt with your jacket and you are sure to attract attention wherever you go. For a sporty yet comfortable look, opt for a jacket and pair it with sweatshirt and sweatpants. Winning looks for sure!

There are quite a few differing ideas about chic and yet casual attire amongst fashionistas – yet all of them agree on how Denim complements & accentuates a woman’s feminity, while displaying tones of earthiness. And with fashion going experimental, brands are no longer willing to stick to just blacks or blues. Denim is all about experimentation – washes, hues, cuts, distressed, patterns and what not. New age designers and couturiers who don’t have the weight of history weighing them down – create new cuts with a palette of bright bold earthy colours. Today, denim jackets and coats come in styles, colours and patterns unimaginable a decade ago. A search change has come in fashion and the consumers are embracing it. Denim is being explored as a medium across genres of fashion styles – formal, outdoor, athleisure, sporty, feminine, informal, rugged, etc…

Layering, pattering and matching looks is something most women are good at – and when it is done with a product like Denim, it is an easy task. Best done through trial, error and multiple tries, you can develop your own personal look. Combining contrasting colours and styles often rise to a personal signature – this can be your sign off on fashion. By leveraging denim. The point to remember is precisely that mix and match is possible in it’s truest sense with Denim because of its versatile nature. And once you start carrying it well, soon there will be others who try and carry off the same style as well.

L’AGENCE is a topnotch fashion destination, creating iconic products for Women’s fashion. A pioneer in the fashion space, L’AGENCE has many Hollywood stars as regular patrons, thanks to it’s offerings – a delectable fusion of Parisian chic and LA cool. The denim jacket women collection re creating a buzz in the fashion market currently.

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