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The varsity jacket has been an iconic wardrobe staple for generations. Today, custom varsity jackets allow you to transform this timeless garment into your own personalized statement piece. When you design your own custom varsity jacket, every detail from the materials to embroidery can be tailored to your style and story.

Read on to learn why custom varsity jackets are so popular and how you can craft your own one-of-a-kind varsity jacket.

Why Choose a Custom Varsity Jacket

Getting a customized varsity jacket offers many advantages over buying a generic pre-made version:

Perfect Fit

With made-to-measure sizing based on your body measurements, a custom varsity jacket will fit you flawlessly for all-day comfort.

Quality Materials

Construct your custom varsity jacket from premium fabrics like genuine leather and wool blends for superior durability and aesthetics.

Unique Personalization

Add your name, number, favorite graphics and patches, and other custom details for a varsity jacket that’s distinctly yours.

Added Sentimental Value

Varsity jackets personalized with your memories and achievements become cherished keepsakes full of heartfelt meaning.

Cost Savings

Buying a custom varsity jacket directly from the maker costs less than a pre-made jacket of the same quality and materials.

How to Design Your Own Custom Varsity Jacket

Today it’s easy to craft your dream custom varsity jacket thanks to online customization platforms. Just follow these steps:

Pick Your Jacket Style

Select your ideal jacket silhouette and structure – baseball, football, sleek snap, wool body, leather sleeves, etc.

Choose Your Materials

High-quality materials like genuine cowhide leather and merino wool make the best custom varsity jackets.

Select Your Colors

Customize colors for the body, sleeves, collar, cuffs, and trim for your perfect color scheme.

Add Decorative Touches

Make it uniquely yours with custom patches, embroideries, appliques, heat press graphics, and other embellishments.

Tailor the Fit

Input your measurements for chest, waist, sleeve length, and overall jacket length for an impeccable tailored fit.

Preview Your Design

View every angle of your custom creation using 3D design previews to finalize your design.

Place Your Order

Add your varsity jacket to cart, complete purchase, and await your delivery of a lifetime!

Customizing Your Varsity Jacket Elements

From the fabric textures to the decorative accents, every element of your varsity jacket can be customized. Here are some ideas:


Choose wools, leathers, nylons, cotton blends, polyester knits, satins and more. Mix and match materials for unique style.


Express yourself through color with custom color combinations. Match your favorite sports team hues or go for a bold custom palette.

Decorative Patches

Patches featuring mascots, logos, icons, illustrations, flags, and more let you decorate your jacket freely.

Heat Transfers & Printing

Heat press custom graphics, photos, numbers, and text elements for unique flair. Full custom graphic prints take it to the next level.

Embroidery & Chenille

Add embroidered custom text featuring your name, number, team name, and other personal text elements for varsity jacket history.


Play with different classic varsity jacket silhouettes and structural details like collars, waistbands, and sleeve cuts.

The options are endless when you customize every detail of your varsity jacket!

Where to Buy a Custom Varsity Jacket Online

Thanks to digital customization and production tools, it’s easier than ever to design and purchase a custom varsity jacket online. Here are some top places to buy custom varsity jackets:

National Sportswear

This heritage custom varsity jacket maker has been perfecting letterman jackets since 1945. Their online studio is full-featured.

Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jacket offers an effortless custom jacket builder online with great service. All their jackets are proudly made in the USA.

Logo Sportswear

Logo Sportswear has varsity jacket customization down to a science. They make the process easy for individuals through their web platform.

Custom Planet

For a very tailored custom varsity jacket experience, Custom Planet offers design assistance and quality construction tailored to you.

Clotho Jackets

Clotho Jackets combines old-school craftsmanship with digital tools for custom jacket building. They use top-grade materials.

Tips for Designing Your Custom Varsity Jacket

Once you decide to create your own custom varsity jacket, follow these tips to design something legendary:

  • Incorporate meaningful words, numbers, dates, colors, and other personal references
  • Pick high-quality fabrics like leather and wool for optimal durability and style
  • Mix classic varsity jacket aspects like ribbed cuffs with modern touches like zippers or prints
  • Add decorative patches featuring hobbies, beliefs, fandoms, and neighborhoods you identify with
  • View design proofs and revisions before finalization to ensure the jacket matches your vision
  • Wear your custom varsity jacket with pride and care for it properly to enjoy it for years to come!

Custom Varsity Jacket Ideas

Need inspiration for designing your dream custom varsity jacket? Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

  • Showcase your current or past school pride with colors, mascots, slogans, etc.
  • Rep your favorite sports teams from pro to local leagues
  • Celebrate other passions like music, motorcycles, surfing, or gaming
  • Add inspirational or funny quotes as custom text elements
  • Incorporate special memories like vacations, weddings, graduations
  • Feature lucky numbers, special dates, or numerology references
  • Rock your initials large on the back or sleeves for a bold signature look
  • Go graphic with custom prints of unique landscapes, cool textures, or abstract shapes

The options are limitless when you make a varsity jacket uniquely your own!

FAQs About Custom Varsity Jackets

How much do custom varsity jackets cost?

Expect to pay $200-$500+ based on materials, customization extent, rush processing, and other factors. Genuine leather sleeves will increase the price.

How long does a custom varsity jacket take to make?

Turnaround time is typically 2-4 weeks. Simple text-only designs may ship faster, while graphic-printed jackets take longer.

What’s the best material for a varsity jacket?

For a traditional feel, a merino wool blend body with genuine leather sleeves works best. But custom jackets can also use modern fabrics like nylon, fleece, and faux leather.

Can I design a custom varsity jacket online?

Yes, most custom jacket makers now offer online design studios to customize your jacket virtually before ordering. This makes the process accessible and easy.

Stand Out with a Custom Varsity Jacket

Varsity jackets are hotter than ever in fashion and pop culture. By designing your own custom varsity jacket featuring your personal sense of style, you can create a wardrobe staple that’s uniquely you. Whether you want to celebrate your school days or just enjoy the varsity jacket style, custom is the way to go. With online ordering, it’s never been easier to craft your dream jacket. Design your custom varsity jacket today!

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