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Are you considering signing up with a broker and are new to online trade? If that’s the case, then you need to make a smart decision when deciding on the broker firm. Brokers are like your business partner, so they own a share in all trade features such as asset ownership, profits, losses, etc. You will not start a business with someone you don’t trust, right? So, you also need to be sure that the broker you will pick is trustworthy and reliable. Furthermore, you need to see how your partner brings to the table, what services they will be able to provide you. 

Neuer Capital is one of the newer brokerage firms out there, however, it has built a reputable presence among brokers due to the various facilities it provides. At some point, rumors regarding Neuer Capital being a scam started emerging, however, after some research, it is clear that those rumors were baseless. I want to talk about the features of this broker that I noticed and was highly impressed with, and also some features that could be improved. Now, just so you know, despite my experience with various impressive online brokers, this broker is definitely on my list on top 10. I am, in no way, going to sing praises with no supporting evidence or try to convince you to pick this broker as your platform, rather, I am just sharing my experience. The final decision is always up to you.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at what I consider to be noteworthy features of the brokerage firm, Neuer Capital. 

Noteworthy Features of Neuer Capital

  • Uncompromised Security 

Security is an important aspect of all trade accounts as they include dealings with large amounts of money and your personal information. Brokers are required to meet specific security standards to meet the requirements of the online trading industry.  Account security policies should be updated regularly to avoid cybercrime and scams. It is especially important for crypto space as this is not a regulated financial space which leaves it vulnerable to risks. That is why, brokerage firms take upon additional safety measures to protect their customer’s accounts, identity, and personal information they gather. There are many different services available to make the accounts more secure.

Neuer Capital takes care of all the necessary security measures for your money and information by implementing the latest security technologies. This trading platform has installed SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates on their website so the information gets encrypted when it is entered on the website. This reduces the chances of fraud and identity theft. Furthermore, you will also not have to worry about your deposited funds on your account. The information that you provide the broker will not be shared with a third party under any circumstance. 

The firm is in compliance with the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies as per international regulations. These policies help identify the criminals who make accounts with the intent to perform illegal acts on brokerages. For these regulations to occur, users need to confirm their identity, residence, and payment details. This requires sharing extremely sensitive information so how does Neuer Capital ensure their reliability? They do this by using the highest standard encryption system to protect all information collected from the clients.

  • Cryptocurrency Investment

Cryptocurrencies have great potential in the financial landscape and have introduced many investment opportunities to you. Cryptocurrency investment differs slightly from the traditional trade markets in that they are relatively new and not influenced by the same forces. You can buy or sell digital currencies through exchanges. What this means is that the cryptocurrencies are traded by exchanging them with other traders, in hopes to see an increase in the value of the one you bought. Neuer Capital provides you with the click-trade feature which is beneficial as the cryptocurrency rates change promptly.

The trade of cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular, coins worth billions are purchased and sold every day. Since cryptocurrencies do not have a physical form, they are not handled by banks, rather, their records are kept on Blockchain, which is a digital ledger. Neuer Capital accepts all forms of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

So, you know that to handle a trade business you need to have practical strategies. You cannot simply decide one day that you want to start a business without any prepared strategies. Strategies help you identify when you should buy, sell, or invest in something. You can manually set strategies for cryptocurrency investment using Blockchain. However, I would suggest you use an automated strategy developing option if you are not familiar with how Blockchain works or are new to the trading business. 

The automated option uses investment bots that have enabled APIs (Application Programming Interface). Neuer Capital itself recommends new users to choose the automated system. It is believed to be the best cryptocurrency investment strategy for them as it does not require users to make decisions. 

You should not become too eager to earn profit and stick to the entry and exit points you settled on in the beginning. I have seen many cases where people become over-ambitious with their investments and end up losing valuable money. I would suggest you stick to the investment strategies you have set and proceed at your pace. You should not make long-term investments in this trade as the exchange rates are unpredictable and limited data is available for this market.

  • Cryptocurrency Academy 

You need to have substantial knowledge about online trading before you start making investments. You need proper training to begin successful trading as you will be dealing with unfamiliar terms, graphs, statistics, etc. And it is essential to understand them to make good decisions. You might think that reading graphs and understanding new terms from short definitions will help you understand everything. However, let me tell you that you need to have a deeper understanding of everything if you want to do this right. Oftentimes, brokers provide personalized training for suing their specific platforms and services. But, only some users can gain access to all materials so if you open a basic account you will be allowed limited access to the training materials. 

Neuer Capital is unique in that it allows you to access all training guides even if you have not deposited any cash in your start-up account. With a basic account, you will get summarized guides and when you deposit the initial fund to your account you will be provided with extra materials such as invitations to web-seminars, e-books, tutorials, etc. Moreover, you can get in touch with people who are experts in the field and can ask your questions to receive tailored answers. You can access four detailed introductory courses on Economics, ECN, Social trading, and MetaTrader Mobile, an in-depth course on Crypto Currencies and some e-books on their Education page without registering an account. I am very pleased with their dedication to educating not only their clients but also their website’s visitors. 

Furthermore, they also provide video tutorials on how to perform technical and fundamental analysis and, how to read different crypto signal. If you are looking for information on a specific term, they also provide an alphabetized glossary for you to find the topic easily. It is important to have information on such topics as they will help you cope with the unpleasant market conditions easily. 

The academy also provides the latest updated market news about everything related to stocks and trade. Furthermore, updated exchange rates of different currency pairs can also be found streaming on their website. Another impressive feature that this broker provides is a video analysis of charts of the exchange rates. From real-time crypto signals to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), you will find everything you might need to know about. This broker leaves no stone unturned in keeping you updated, whether you are a client or a visitor. It is rare to see such dedication to cover all areas by most brokerage firms. 

  • Account Types and Benefits

You will find that most brokers and other companies that are involved in trading provide different account types. You need to create an account after registering on a broker website to start trading. The various account types are designed to suit your needs. So, if you are new to trading then you should open a basic account, similarly, if you are an experienced trader then you can choose one of the more advanced account types. The reason brokers offer multiple account types is that they understand that different clients have different needs, so to accommodate them all they offer multiple account types. 

Neuer Capital offers you six different account types, all of which come with different benefits and features. 

Their Basic account offers you 24-hours customer service support 6 days a week, access to some materials of the education center, daily market reviews, and pro webinars. This account also has the lowest deposit fee of 1,000 euros. This is a relatively high deposit fee so; it might not be ideal for users with limited funds because they will also need money to start trading. The next is the Bronze account which has the deposit requirement of 10,000 euros. The additional services from this account include the availability of an account manager for a month and price alerts. 

After Bronze, comes the Silver account with a minimum deposit of 25,000 euros. This account provides all features of the Bronze account with the addition of an account manager, and PIA trading signals 5 times a day. The Gold account is designed for intermediate traders who are familiar with the trade business and also have some experience with it. With a minimum deposit fee of 50,000 euros, you have access to their account manager for six months and receive trading signals 10 times a day. Platinum account users are provided with unlimited trading signals and will be able to use the services of the account manager for one year. 

The minimum deposit for this account is 250,000 euros. You will be provided with PIA SMS signals which help in making better decisions. Furthermore, you can also create personalized trading strategies using this account. Finally, the Black account. This account is designed for VIPs or professional traders who perform large-scale trades and need special trading conditions. The minimum deposit fee for this bank is not disclosed as you need to talk to an account manager. The amount will depend on the nature of your special requirements. You can receive one-on-one training with experts as well as have full access to every available feature provided by the broker. 

I, personally, think that their mandatory deposit rates are too high for the initial accounts, as beginners probably do not have enough funds to continue investments after depositing such large sums. 

  • Easy Banking

Because money transactions and deposits are the key functions required in trading so brokers need to ensure easy payment methods on their platforms. Most brokers provide you with two or three ways to make payments. This is because people use different banking methods in their daily lives. What’s to be noted in online trading is that you cannot make cash-deposits to most brokers. It is important and desirable if the bank account you register with is in the country of your residence as you will be asked to provide various identity proofs to complete the account processing. 

Neuer Capital allows you to make your payments and perform transactions through payment methods that are most suitable to you. You can use debit and credit cards like Visa, Delta, Master Card, Leftpay, Ripple, Bancontact, and, a few more. Using debit/credit cards is the quickest way to make payments. So, you can consider them if you are in a rush. You will be informed as soon as the transactions are made through your account without any extra charges being imposed. The broker also allows you to make transactions using bank wire transfers. This is a slower process but it is also very secure, so quite a few traders choose to use this method of payment. 

Neuer Capital also makes sure to make banking procedures quick, safe, and easy regardless of your choice of payment. You can make deposits through debit/credit card and wire transfers. They support three currencies; USD, EURO, and GBP. You may only deposit amounts which are multiples of 250. When you’ve made some successful trades and earned some capital, you would want to withdraw it. You need to provide proof of identity, proof of address, and credit card verification to proceed with withdrawals. It takes approximately 7-14 business days for the application to be approved.

  • Responsive Investing Platform

You need to be able to interact with the trading platform with ease and comfort. This is one of the features that a majority of the brokers do not pay attention to. You will find that some brokers don’t even update their websites, or provide relevant information in the about section. Signs of a good brokerage platform include their ease-of-use, user-interface, comprehensible navigation, appropriate sections, the pleasant structure of style, etc. Furthermore, you will find that most brokers provide different platforms for different devices. 

For example, websites for laptops and desktop computers, apps for handheld devices like smartphones and tablets and also, mobile web-pages for accessing the website from phones. However, the downside of alternative platforms like device applications is that sometimes there are technical errors that make navigation difficult. Applications are more prone to technical errors than webpages. So, you will find that, often, the application of those brokers is under maintenance. 

With apps, you also have to consider the device in which you will use it. What I mean is that you have to constantly update the app and your device to make the functions run smoothly which is a constant hassle. With websites, you don’t have to worry about updating them, or for your device space being used up. You can access your account from any device when using a website, unlike with apps when you are limited to the device you downloaded the app in. 

The broker does not provide a downloadable platform for your devices, however, it provides a specially designed mobile webpage that makes the navigation of their website on smaller devices easier and keeps the format from being distorted as is the case with other websites that do not provide mobile-friendly formats. Another thing you may observe is that some brokers try to make their platform stand out from the others and end up either over-complicating the design or making it so minimalistic that users are unable to find anything. 

Neuer Capital has designed one of the most user-friendly platforms that I have come across to date. The content of their website is easily visible and accessible to you. There are separate pages for different topics. The design and concept of the website are also very interactive and pleasing to use. The color palette of different shades of white, blue, and grey does not cause strain to the eyes. The broker continuously works to upgrade the design of their platform to make your experience with them stress-free and enjoyable. Trading, itself, is already a stress-inducing business as you have to make fast decisions regarding substantial sums of money. 

Therefore, the less stress the platform gives you the better. So, whether you are an expert with broker websites or a total novice, Neuer Capital aims to make the experience of every user enjoyable without any difficulties. 

  • Reliable Customer Support

For any venture to succeed, they need to ensure that their customers receive the best service. You need assurance that you can rely on the customer service in case you need clearance about something that is not mentioned in the FAQs. Accommodating customer service is what helps build the rapport of a business. Most brokers out there only have a frequently asked questions section and think that they have done everything for clearing up customer’s confusion and questions. Some provide web-forms to fill in complaints and users receive replies hours, if not days, later. 

You may stumble into learning curves even when you have experience with using broker platforms. I think that customer support should be available 24/7 because people from across the globe use their platforms, so if you run into a problem at noon where you are located and the trading platform is across the continent, then you will have to wait hours to receive a reply if the customer support service runs at specific hours.

Neuer Capital has provided a detailed FAQ section on its website to answer common questions. If your queries are not answered then you may contact then through e-mail, or if it is urgent, you can call them on the number provided. However, their customer service is only available during the UKs working hours and days which are Monday to Friday from 7 am to 2 pm. 

Final Thoughts

In my Neuer Capital review you have seen that this broker is one of the more impressive brokers that I have experienced working with. They provide many features that are useful for both new and experienced traders. The training guide is especially useful and impressive. The downside of this broker that kind of put me off is their deposit rates and limited hours of customer support although the broker advertises its low fees and Monday- Friday support system as its best features on the homepage of its website. 

The final verdict is, of course, yours. Whether it is a good decision to choose this broker of a terrible one, only fate, and experience, can tell. So, even though I have told you what I think of this broker and what my experience with it as like, I encourage you to visit the website and explore the various options yourself as well. Although it is designed to accommodate you whether you are a beginner or experienced trader, only you can decide which broker suits you the best.  

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