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In our latitudes, hot water is one of the most important items in a household. Whether for a morning shower or for a relaxing bath on the weekend: For most people, water at a well-tempered temperature is available at all times and is more than just a basic need, but a characteristic of a high quality of life. Hot water can be generated and stored in different ways. In terms of production, a distinction is made between centralized and decentralized hot water production.

Central and decentralized hot water preparation

An existing heat generator is essential for the centralized preparation of hot water. At this point, it not only provides heat to heat the room, but also to heat the hot water required. Such a heater is equipped with hot water tanks Calgary so that the hot water flows out of the tap as required at all times. A hot water storage tank is either made of enameled steel or stainless steel. In any case, the containers are insulated so that they keep water at a constant temperature for a longer period of time.

Hot water boilers ensure decentralized hot water preparation

In contrast to centralized hot water preparation, the decentralized variant does not require a connection to a heat generator. With a flow heater, the hot water is only heated to the desired temperature when it is needed. With a small storage tank or under-table storage tank, however, the hot water is stored. Both are mostly powered by electricity and can therefore be set up very flexibly.

A hot water boiler is a slightly or not thermally insulated container that heats the water itself and also stores it. Due to the poor, sometimes non-existent, thermal insulation, the water cools down quickly. As a result, the water boiler has to heat the water again and again. Water boilers are hardly available in this form because the technology is considered out of date.

Hot water storage tank for each heating system

Hot water cylinders for heating can also be expanded with a separate heat exchanger set . In this combination, they form a storage tank charging system for heating drinking water. This is particularly useful when peak performance such as high draw-off rates (how often is tapped) and different reheating times need to be covered at short notice. Heating systems that require low return temperatures, such as condensing boilers, are also preferably operated with a storage tank charging system. For these and other areas of application, we offer the right DHW cylinder. Among other things, this impresses with its storage tank loading that is accurate to the degree, even with a sliding flow temperature, and easy installation thanks to removable thermal insulation.

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