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Did you know most people experience wounds on their feet at some point in life? These wounds can be devastating if untreated because they are quickly infected, causing annoying complications and amputation. As a result, you may start experiencing tingling, burning, or weakness in the foot. If you are stuck with any foot problem, worry no more because the solution lies with diabetic foot care Sugar Land. This article contains some of the diabetic conditions that can be addressed by diabetic foot care.

Skin Changes

Diabetes conditions contribute to significant changes in your skin. Sometimes, you may realize dryness in your foot, cracking, and peeling of the skin. These conditions result from nerve damage affecting the body’s ability to manage the oil and warmth in your foot. Once you bathe, you should ensure you dry your foot and seal the remaining warmth using a thin coat of plain petroleum jelly. Avoid putting creams or oil between the toes because the additional moisture can cause infection in the region.


Even though it hurts, a damaged nerve may lead to a decline in your ability to feel heat and pain. Loss of feeling indicates that you may fail to feel a foot injury. For instance, you may damage your toe on a stone and spend the whole day without noticing. Besides, you may experience a blister and fail to notice it.

In some instances, you may notice a change in the shape of the toes and feet. Once you notice your feet do not fit comfortably on the shoes, consult your healthcare provider for special therapeutic shoes instead of forcing your feet into unfit shoes.


In most cases, the condition occurs more repeatedly and builds up quickly on the feet of individuals with diabetes. It results from high-pressure zones under your foot. Excess callus may mean that you will require therapeutic inserts and shoes. If untrimmed, it gets thicker, breaks down, and becomes ulcers. You should avoid trying to cut calluses or the corn yourself because it may cause ulcers and infection.

Foot Ulcers

Side foot ulcers result from unfitting shoes, which may sometimes hurt. Also, all ulcers should receive medical attention immediately. Neglected ulcers may lead to infections that, in turn, cause loss of limb. It is ideal for keeping off your feet because moving around on an ulcer may enlarge, forcing infection deeper into the foot. If you notice persistent ulcers, looking for a vascular surgeon is integral.


Individuals with diabetes are at higher risk of experiencing leg or foot amputation. Most people with diabetes have peripheral artery disease (PAD), which decreases the rate of blood flow to the feet. Besides, people with diabetes have neuropathy that makes you fail to feel your feet. All these complications combined increase the chances of getting an amputation. As a result, you should seek instant medical attention if you encounter signs of foot conditions. 

One of the setbacks to your daily routine is foot complications. You may try exercises because they stimulate blood flow in the feet and legs. Unfortunately, this remedy may fail to work, an annoying experience you can dream of. If you are a candidate at home looking for help, consider Vargas Foot & Ankle Specialists in Sugar Land, Houston, TX. The center offers comprehensive diabetic foot care to mark the end of problems. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call their offices or book online.

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