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Diesel generators

Generators act like light to our darkness, irrespective of the purpose of electricity required. Diesel generators are essential and can not be overlooked, whether it is for household or work sites. Diesel generators are versatile, reliable, efficient and it ensures that power loss doesn’t affect the productivity of home appliances or industrial machines. One must carefully look into the purpose of buying a generator like what you are expecting from it, they should assess every aspect before a purchase. These generators are a combination of Diesel engines and electric generators. They convert diesel fuel into mechanical energy for our day-to-day purposes. Diesel Generators are available in various sizes as per your requirement. Before buying a generator we should keep track of the following things like the size of the generator, feature-rich control systems, and modular capacity.

Traditional generator set:

Few industries have constant power demand during the year and do not vary on any parameters, like working hours, shift timings, the season of business, or market demand. In such cases, the generators work at around 40-90 % of load capacity for most of their operations. Here, a single power backup unit under pressure can have many limitations like low fuel efficiency, high cost of maintenance, reduced lifetime of assets, low reliability, and high total cost of ownership. So, to deal with such problems we go for synchronization of generators. Visit Ablegen.com.au for more details.

Genset synchronization:

It means running more than one diesel Genset sets in parallel for a common purpose. While comparing the characteristics of each machine as closely as possible. In this, we compare the aspects like phase sequence, frequency etc, the waveform of an alternator, and other parameters essential for the healthy and smooth running of the machine. Synchronization is done by minimizing and matching the angle of phase difference to ensure correct paralleling. The fuel efficiency of larger generator sets running at 40% Load is always lower as compared to the smaller Genset set working on 80% Load.

Features of Synchronised Generator sets:

Components of the synchronization panel are synchronization controller, line voltage monitor module, meters, electronic governor, automatic voltage regulator, and protection relay. Features of synchronization are reverse power protection, TPN system to avoid circulating current in the system, gives more reliability, in case of lower power demand gives optimum efficiency, gives better fuel economy, lower maintenance cost with marginal increase engine life for better reliability leading to the optimized total cost of ownership. Therefore, going for more generator sets with lower capacity is a smart decision as compared to one full capacity generator.


Why generator synchronization?

Better than one

Having a large unit for power supply is risky, rather you must install several smaller units for the same. This way even if one of them malfunctions you can rely on others and the processor work will never stop.



All machines need maintenance, and when the repair or maintenance is being carried out, your working stops. But with this feature of synchronization, you don’t have to worry about the continuity of the work as other machines are running in parallel. The working of machines will never get disrupted due to power shortage.

You get better efficiency

Every machine performs better at the predetermined values of input and outputs. The same is the case with generators the rated values will give you the best results, but then you might face a problem when you need to increase the load. In that case, the increasing burden will decrease efficiency. But the same is not the case with synchronization, you can get the best efficiency from each one with rated values, and for increasing the load just add to the chain.

Synchronization of generators is a difficult task; it should be done with due care to avoid any kind of damage or disturbances. Here are some basic problems one face during the process:

  • The Genset is sometimes malfunctions because of rapid increase and decrease needed to bring the mass circulating to the synch caused by mechanical pressure processing.
  • Sometimes when the generators are synchronized the load current is not distributed properly which causes issues in the working of the generator as the load current is not balanced amongst the generators.
  • Lightly loaded engines are susceptible to wet stacking.
  • Standy by systems should be installed properly as they build In a state of redundancy and don’t work properly when needed.
  • To avoid a short circuit that occurs when unsynchronised generator sets are synched parallelly.
  • The phase sequence of the incoming alternator and phase sequence of the running alternator should be synched as any changes in it can cause a short circuit and increase the load on running the generator.
  • If the synchronization is done with a lot of difference between voltages of both alternators, then this might cause damage to the alternators.
  • The difference in frequency indicates that the amount of store energy in the incoming alternator is greater or less than the running alternator, this will cause a surge and the generators will collapse.
  • The difference between phase angles of alternators during synchronization produces synchronizing currents which disrupt the generators.


Our world revolves around energy and such Generators help us and become our backbone at every step. Before buying or synchronizing a generator one should know about every possible hurdle that may occur. So, are you facing problems with synchronization or selecting a generator? This information will help you out. Then what are you waiting for? go and get your backbone for a productive life. Or if you already have one, get familiar with these problems which you may face during synchronization, so that you can get proper and more specific assistance and services. So, therefore for the same amount of load don’t rely on 1 Generator set and get 2 or 3 smaller generator sets synchronized for outstanding and reliable output. It will help you in achieving the maximum results in every task you take in hand. Hope you find this article helpful. Let us know if you have faced similar issues with your Genset and how did you cope with the same.

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