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When it comes to a safe driving experience, the condition of the braking system matters the most. After tyres, brakes are the most essential parts for the safety of your life and vehicle. Usually, car owners don’t even know from where they can get quality brake pads or from they can get the brake discs repaired or replaced. Whether the brakes of your car are making noise or the braking performance is poor, your vehicle probably needs brake pad replacement or brake discs replacement.

What are Brake Pads and Brake Discs?

Brake pads are thin, round pieces of material that are connected to the brake rotors on your car. Brake discs are thin, circular plates on each wheel that press against the brake pads. Both work to slow or stop your vehicle by converting kinetic energy into thermal energy.

When it comes time for brake pads and discs to be replaced, you can either change them yourself or hire a professional. It is always better to let the professionals do the important work so you can have peace of mind. There is usually an audible squealing sound when it’s time for new brakes; if this sound continues, even after you’ve replaced the brakes with new ones, contact a mechanic as soon as possible.

When do you need to replace brake pads?

The general rule of thumb is that you need to replace the brake pads when they are less than 20% of their original thickness. When your brake pads are too thin, they will cause excessive wear on the rotor, increasing overall wear and tear on the entire braking system. The best way to determine the wear of your brake pads is by measuring them with a micrometer.

When do you need to replace brake discs?

Brake discs need to be replaced when the damage is severe enough that the rubber has worn through and shown its metal underneath. When this occurs, you will notice a grinding sound each time you apply brakes and your vehicle will stop very slowly.

Should you replace brake pads and discs at the same time?

The answer to this question depends on individual circumstances. Replacing brake pads and discs at the same time will save you money and protect your vehicle from further damage. However, it should be noted that removing brake pads or discs on one side of the car is also a good idea, ensuring that all brakes are in good working order.

There is no difference between the front and rear brake pads because both are identical in design. In fact, some manufacturers have started making their front and rear brake pads the same size so that they will be interchangeable on the same vehicle.

Get Brake Pad and Disc Replacement

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