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Difference between Microgaming No Deposit Bonuses and Welcome Bonuse

Being new to the casino game is good as welcome bonuses are the best offers to get started on this platform. Online gaming players are always keen to join sites that provide the best no deposit and welcome bonuses. Both of these bonuses have great significance for new players and are looking forward to joining an online casino betting site. One of the best sites to start your casino journey is Microgaming. Microgaming offers new players a host of welcome bonuses that can be availed to get maximum returns.

Microgaming no deposit bonuses are rare and can be availed by few players on their new joining. What is amazing about this bonus in Microgaming is that the bonuses are 100% free. Also, it does not require players to deposit any money to avail of them. These bonuses can be availed in many of the online games offered by the site. There are hosts of these bonuses which are offered by Microgaming. To have deeper knowledge regarding these bonuses we will be explaining each such bonus in brief.

Bonus Codes for Casino

When a new player registers to this online casino site they are provided with a code. These codes have to be copied and pasted as mentioned by the site at the time of sign up to avail them. These codes will help players to get started initially offering many free first games.

Cash Deal

Cash Deal is a kind of a deal wherein the new players on signup will receive a certain amount which is rewarding. This money can be received with only getting registered and not having to make any payments. These cash deals are exclusively provided by Microgaming and can be availed only on the games provided by the software.

Casino Live Chat

Casino Live Chat bonus is an innovative process. This process requires the new player to contact the casino live chat personally to request the bonus. Casino Live chat is an exclusive bonus provided by Microgaming offering players a host of exclusive entries to their casino games for free.

Microgaming Free Spins

Microgaming Free Spins are some exclusive bonus rounds offered to new players after the registration process. Players who have registered to bingo or casino sites of Microgaming receive the Microgaming free spin bonus. These bonuses are very popular among new entries as they are very easy to claim and offer many prizes on free spins.

Automatic Bonus

This bonus is offered to players automatically when they register for the gaming software. This is done entirely automatic and if the new joiners to these games do not want them can opt-out easily. The software is capable of automatically adding new sign-ups to this bonus program.

Free Spin Bonus for Mobile Gamers

Microgaming also provides bonuses to new players that are joining through the mobile platform. In this free bonus codes are provided to the new player which can be claimed using the mobile internet services over WIFI, 4G, or 3G. Having the exclusivity of receiving bonuses for the mobile platform offers new players to avail them no matter where they are. Mobile gaming is very popular and casino games top the list which is remarkable.


  • These bonuses provide many opportunities to play which can be availed to win big in online games provided by the software.
  • These bonuses allow new players to try out new games by depositing no money. This is a great way to get started on the online games platform.
  • Many of the bonuses provided under this scheme allow enthusiasts to try their hands on new titles that are on offer.


  • The wagering amount for these Bonuses is very high.
  • The withdrawal capacities from these bonuses are very low. The winning can be big but withdrawals have limits which are a big drawback.

Welcome Bonus

In the casino gaming industry, welcome bonuses play a very crucial role in attracting new players to their site. These welcome bonuses are offered to new players on their registration. A certain amount of cash is to be deposited to avail of the welcome bonus. On deposit, the new player is provided with a code to avail of the welcome bonus. A certain percentage of the deposit will be provided as a welcome bonus which can be availed by playing casino games provided by Microgaming.

Microgaming offers a standard percentage of almost 100% of the deposit value which is why this software is so popular among the new players. There are many benefits of welcome bonuses that are unmatched to any other bonuses. Players get an opportunity to add extra cash to their accounts for more gameplay. Many of the welcome bonus offers include free spins which can be availed to make huge profits on this platform. Blackjack ballroom offered by Microgaming allows new players to win great bonuses as soon as they make a casino deposit.


  • Welcome bonuses are very beneficial as they provide bonus cash which can be used for wagering.
  • Welcome bonuses offer bonus cash which is more than 1,000 dollars.
  • Many of the welcome bonuses offered to new players to be used time and time again which is rewarding.


  • These offers are exclusively for new signups and none of the existing players can avail of these facilities. Existing players irrespective of their contributions cannot avail of these bonuses.

Final Verdict

After getting a clear picture of both bonuses it can be ascertained that welcome bonuses are best suited for new players offering them an opportunity to earn as high as more than 1,000 dollars which is equal to a jackpot in Microgaming. On the other hand, the bonus with no deposit can be availed by existing players too but the offers are not that tempting when compared to welcome bonuses. There are plenty of these bonuses on offer for players both new and old but welcome bonuses are few. Each of the two bonuses is good to get started and win some easy money which is rewarding in the online gaming industry.

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