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Whether you’re building a new pool or renovating an old one, finding the right materials matter. That’s why many pool owners take the time to talk to and work with their pool contractors to help them source the right material for their pool. If you’re on the market for a new swimming pool interior, you’re at the right place. Today, we’re going to review some of the best pool surfaces the industry has to offer. So, be ready to take down notes because these materials from NPT’s designer surface series are ones for which you should take note.

Interested? You’ll want to know more about these pool interiors once you get to know who NPT is. 

NPT is the leading brand in pool tile and decorative pool finishes. They offer products that last as good as they look without costing you ‘an arm and a leg’. That’s why they’re one of the most recommended brands, even by pool professionals. They’re one of the few players in the pool industry that shows you pay for the quality and not for the name. It’s true that with swimming pools, you always get what you pay for. But are you sure you’re being charged correctly? NPT products do not cost as much as other brands. They specialize in decorative pool finishes like pool pebbles and pool tiles and the NPT Stonescapes Series is one of their best-sellers. 

NPT Stonescape Series – Vinyl Designer Surfaces.

The Vinyl Stonescape series from NPT is part of their Designer Surfaces Collection, which features colors and hues that reflect the richest earth tones and the ambiance of the cool sea. The shades and the tones you’ll find in these pool finishes offer superior customization. Furthermore, the different textures of these pool interior finishes offer a different level of personalization, one you’ll be hard-pressed to find in other vinyl swimming pool interior products. The Stonescape Series can bring life into your pool in more ways than one. Here’s a peek into their collection. 

  1. Aztec Barley Sand. 

The warm undertones of the Aztec Barley Sand vinyl pool liner offers rich earth colors and is paired with realistic textures that exude and emanate the beauty of natural stones. It creates an illusion of a cool emerald sea, which all the more makes the pool water inviting. That said, the Aztec Barley Sand vinyl pool liner works well with natural stone pool decks and landscaped backyards lined with beautiful plant life. Choosing this pool interior brings home memories of vacations past. 

  1. Aztec Cobalt Aqua Blue. 

On the other hand, the Azter Cobalt Aqua Blue vinyl liner offers a crystal clear backdrop for your pool water. While the aforementioned Aztec Barley Sand provides your pool more of an emerald hue, the Aztec Cobalt Aqua Blue is a light layer of cool cerulean shade that complements backyard pools on hot and sunny summers. Enjoy your personal oasis under the warm sun with this vinyl pool interior. Both Aztec variants are paired with a beautiful vintage waterline that’s perfect for elegant backyard pools. 

  1. Bermuda Aqua Blue. 

The Bermuda Aqua Blue is relatively similar to the aforementioned Aztec Cobalt Aqua Blue in a way that both provide your pool with cool and sparkling waters. This vinyl pool liner offers a bright atmosphere with sparkling pool waters that shine with the sun. Entertaining friends and families in the summer will be more fun, especially if you choose to use this vinyl pool liner from NPT Stonescapes. 

  1. Aquarius Tahoe Blue. 

What the Blue series have in common is the swimming dolphins in the vinyl liner’s waterline levels. The Aquarius Tahoe Blue sport the same aquatic creatures, but have a deeper blue hue compared to its Bermuda Aqua Blue counterpart. Nevertheless, both variants let you dance with the dolphins and enjoy island life right in your own backyard. You don’t have to go where the vacation is; you can take it right outside your very door. 

NPT’s vinyl Stonescape Series are eye-catching and are designed to blend in different backyards. They also last longer than other vinyl pool interiors as long as they’re cared for and are kept in ideal conditions. These 2020 designs are perfect for when you’re planning to have a pool built in your backyard or when you’re planning to have your pool remodeled. 

Pool vinyls typically last for 10 years before they need to be replaced. And with NPT Stonescapes vinyl pool interiors, you’re sure to enjoy its beauty for years to come. If you want something that will last longer, check out NPT’s Pool Finish Collection below. 

NPT Stonescapes – Pool Finish Collection. 

NPT also offers some of the best pool interiors designed and engineered for in-ground concrete swimming pools. They offer results that are finished with distinction – the kind that makes the whole neighborhood jealous of how well your backyard pool looks. Your pool will sure be the highlight of your backyard when you choose NPT Stonescapes interiors. They also provide a whole new level of customization, come in a slew of different colors, and can be had in various sizes. Here are a few. 

Light Colors – Micro Collection: 

  • Aqua Blue 
  • French Gray 
  • Moraine 
  • Summit Blue 
  • White 

Dark Colors – Micro Collection: 

  • Black 
  • Kenai Gray 

Light Colors Mini Pebble: 

  • Aqua Cool Mini 
  • Aqua White Mini 
  • Carribean Blue Mini 
  • French Gray Mini 
  • Salt and Pepper Mini 
  • Sand Mini 
  • Tahoe Mini 
  • Tropics Blue Mini 
  • White Mini 
  • Zanzibar Mini 

Dark Colors Mini Pebble: 

  • Black Mini 
  • Cameroon Mini 
  • Midnight Blue Mini 

Light Colors Regular Pebble: 

  • Aqua Blue Regular
  • Aqua Cool Regular 
  • Aqua White Regular 
  • Carribean Blue Regular  
  • French Gray Regular 
  • Salt and Pepper Regular 
  • Sand Regular 
  • Tahoe Blue Regular  
  • Tropics Blue Regular 
  • White Regular 

Dark Colors Regular Pebble: 

  • Black Regular 
  • Midnight Blue 

The regular-sized pebblestone varieties offer great traction. However, others may find it a bit too rough on the feet, especially when you’re in the pool for long periods of time. NPT’s mini pebble series offer decent traction while making it comfortable on the swimmers even if they’re in the pool sitting or standing on the pool interior for long hours. Lastly, the micro-sized pebblestones have just the right amount of traction so you don’t trip and fall right into the water and offer impeccable comfort. 

NPT also offer special pool finishes in their Puerto Rico Blend and Touch of Glass series. These varieties offer improved aesthetics while giving you the advantage of pool pebble’s longevity and durability. Under ideal conditions, pool pebble can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, a proper justification of its often expensive upfront costs. However, NPT Stonescapes products are known to be on the more affordable side of the market, but still boast dependability and reliability you’d find on more expensive brands. That’s why NPT Stonescapes products are the choice of pool builders and pool professionals when it comes to choosing materials for pool construction and pool remodeling. 

We hope that this quick list of NPT’s different Stonescapes products can help you find your inspiration for your next pool project. Until then, happy swimming! 

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