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Different Types of Gadgets To Take Better Photos

Photography has become a widely practiced activity as nowadays, most people are now engaging in this type of activity as a job profession. You can be hired by various people to capture beautiful photos of them in order to make wonderful memories.

The habit of taking many pictures and selfies and posting them on different social media platforms has become a common lifestyle in today’s lives.In the process, it has created another job opportunity for entrepreneurs as they have started marketing smartphone accessories, photography gadgets, and selfie tools which then became innovated in our mobile phones.

Below is a list of some of the different types of gadgets that are commonly used to take photos by professionals and other individuals:

  • Bevel:-This is a gadget that is attached on either your tablet or smartphone so as to take 3D pictures with it. It is easy for you to use as it only requires you to plug the device into the headphone jack of either your smartphone or tablet and scan the environment so as to get a 3D photo.

With the images captured, you can also use it to print 3D pictures with the use of a 3D printer. These are commonly found in three types namely; the fused deposition modeling (FDM) being the most popular, stereolithography and selective laser sintering (SLS).

  • CliqueFie:-This is alightweight,portable selfie stick for use only on either tablets or smartphones, depending on the type of the clique fie. Its special feature is being able to double pull tabs on the stick, ensuring ease in detaching and attaching your device with a single hand. It also makes it possible for you to secure and ensure safety while taking pictures and selfies.

You can also find a cliquefie that possesses the retractable tripod stand and the Bluetooth feature remote which will be more convenient for you as a selfie-taker individual.

This type of gadget is available in many supermarkets, thus providing a channel where you can buy a photo stickto be easy.

  • Sony DSC-QX100:-This is a gadget that will help you in taking a better photo as it is an attachable lens-style camera.Due to these devices being technologically smart, it turns any smartphone that is attached to it into a professional camera and easy to use as even an amateur photographer can take good pictures with this type of photo device. 

The Sony DSC-QX100 can be attached to your smartphone by either the use of WI-FI or your Bluetooth connectivity option.The ability of you to take great picture quality even when you are in a low setting mode with this device is because the Sony DSC-QX100 possesses abright Carl Zeiss Lensin, which produces an optical zoom of about 3.6Xand 1.0 types ofExmor R CMOS sensor.

  • Moment:-This is one of the best available lenses you can find for the mobile photography purpose.There are two types of moment lenses which are,moment tele lens which allows you to zoom in and zoom out, double the times in which your phone is able to zoom in and zoom out.Then there is the moment wide,with this type of lens it is possible to take tight interior shots and landscape pictures with minimal distortion. 

The advantage of this type of gadget that allows you to take better photos is that it isnot complex to use as even with minimal knowledge of photography you can manage to take exquisite photos.

On how to use it,you will be required to attach either the moment wide lens or moment tele lens on your smartphone then download the app which is the moment app and with that, it will be possible to start taking awesome pictures and selfies.

  • Shuttr:-This type of device is one of the best taking photo gadgets, best suited for the individuals who are always in the interest of taking selfies but are never in a desire of using a selfie stick in order to take selfies. 

This is a remote control device that triggers your smartphone camera app with a push of a button.This gadget works exclusively with either iPad,android devices and iPhone as it does not require any other necessary applications.

  • Solocam:-Like the CliqueFie,solocam is also a selfie stick; the difference is that the solocam has an extra feature which is the integrated microphone attached to it which comes with a double handle mechanism and also behaves like the joystick thus allowing the user to control the solocam app remotely.

The solocam is attached to your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity.

The advantage of using this type of photo taking gadget is that with the solocam you can rotate your phone to a one hundred and eighty degrees angle in order to take photos and it comes with minimal distortion due to the added feature of the sturdy microphone handle.

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