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Our daily life routine is occupied by numerous gadgets including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops and television etc. In order to optimally utilize their potential, we sometimes go to extreme level stress. For instance, using your smartphone for a long time while tilting your head downward results in severe neck and spine pain. 

Using a laptop in the wrong posture for a long time is even more harmful to our health. A regular laptop user needs an adjustable and foldable stand to work conveniently. We are enlisting different types of laptop stands in the article below to help you in choosing a model conveniently.

Different types of laptop stands 

  • Foldable tabletop stand 

People who use their laptops at home for professional and personal purposes must choose a foldable tabletop stand. These are small tables with legs adjustable to different heights. Also, you can adjust the elevation of the table according to the ease of typing and viewing angle. These tables have some extra space to place your mouse or other peripheral devices. While purchasing this kind of model, make sure that it has adequate ventilation. There must be a solid mesh underneath the exhaust fan to exhale hot air. Some advanced models also come with a USB fan to ensure the utmost cooling level. 

  • Portable laptop stand 

Laptops are portable gadgets that we may need anywhere in outdoor locations. It is not possible to carry chunky stands everywhere. Find an adjustable MOFT laptop stand. capable of holding your laptop securely from multiple angles while working. When it comes to portability, choose a minimalistic design. Some stands are available in the market that are literally invisible. While buying this kind of model, try them practically to make sure that the stand is easily adjusting inside your laptop bag without occupying extra space. 

  • Desk mount stand 

If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, stop lying on the chair for long hours while working. How is it possible to work in both sitting and standing modes conveniently. The modern desk mount stands are perfect solutions. These stands are customizable in multiple angles and can hold more than one laptop at a time. Even some of them are also designed to hold desktop monitors. You can fix it on a desk or wall according to the convenience. The flexible arms are tiltable to any direction and height. Use these desk mountable stands to create a healthy work environment in the office. 

Why do we need a laptop stand?

  • Right body postures 

While working on a laptop for long hours, you need to sit in the right posture. Wrong postures result in neck and spine pain. Watch online videos to know about the right sitting postures and adjust the laptop stand accordingly. 

  • Convenient working 

The laptop stands are flexible enough to tilt screen and keyboard in various directions. It provides ease of working for professional writers, designers and gamers. Even if you want to watch movies conveniently while lying on the bed, use a laptop stand. 

  • Improve laptop life 

If you place the laptop on your legs or on a plane surface where fan gets no ventilation, it results in overheating. As the laptop overheats, both performance and motherboard life decreases drastically. A MOFT foldable laptop stand ensures adequate ventilation during the peak performance hours. 

Choose a laptop stand from the options we are mentioning here. It is advisable to check the flexibility, durability and potential to hold a laptop securely before buying. The online reviews and ratings of previous customers can help in making a decision. 

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