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ways to increase your instagram followers

Instagram and Followers

With the ever increasing popularity of the internet, social media platforms are on the rise as well. Better technology means ease of access and this results in more and more people surfing the web and being active over the internet platforms. One of the major social media platforms that have been ever growing is Instagram and so is the desire of many people to become famous and gain money using Instagram.

But the task and road ahead is not so easy without gaining followers. How do you get likes on your posts and creative work? How to earn money and become famous using Instagram? The answer starts with a simple step- Increase your Instagram followers. But not many people know the ways through which it can be done. Through the article we bring you different ways to get real Instagram followers and help you become popular.

The list of different methods using which you can gain followers on Instagram is given below:

    1. Use the Getinsta Application- Getinsta is a completely safe to use application available on the trusted Google play store. On the getinsta app, you can complete tasks like liking other people’s posts and content and gain credits or coins. Use them to buy followers and likes on the posts you create. It is free to use and allows people to interact and make conversations, ultimately gaining you tons of real followers for whom you can post content and become popular. The application keeps your privacy intact and does not share your data with anyone else. It comes with additional benefits like a 24/7 support team that solves your queries in real time, so you can be sure to make the most out of it. It is one of the best ways to become popular and definitely worth a try.


  • Post regular content- Apart from using applications like Getinsta, a creator needs to be on edge delivering content on a regular basis, preferably daily. Content delivered at a randomized schedule doesn’t bring followers in the long run. One way to be regular is to utilize content calendar. Schedule your tasks beforehand and keep posting updates on your work. It is an effective way to keep the audience engaged and creates a sense of excitement that will make them wait eagerly for your posts.
  • Create a brand around your profile and account-A brand is a way to showcase uniqueness in your work and attracts people to your content. A way to do this is by using dedicated hash tags for your campaigns and posts. Optimize your account and bio so that people know what they are there for. This serves as an identity to your work and helps people relate and even spread your work using the identity and brand you built around it. Marketing strategies that help you become search optimized, unique and interesting is what will help you gather more followers. Do not be repetitive and do the same things other creators are already doing. Differential strategy can often work wonders if utilized appropriately.
  • Communicate and be part of events and conversations- One of the best ways to be known is by making conversations with the community. Popular hash tags are another way to start and become part of a massive conversation with everyone on a common topic or concern. It generates a similar sense of purpose around your content and gains you more and more followers. Create contacts and collaborate with other creators having similar content, allowing you to spread your network and reach.
  • Hash tags- Hash tags form the core of instagram, allowing you to create an identity around the content and search for other’s doing similar things. Event related hash tags; hash tags like #picoftheday gain audience and followers by attracting their attention to your work. At the same time there are some tags that you must avoid adding in your posts. These include #follow, #followback that show your desperation to just get followers instead of focusing on quality content. All in all, tags provide a very helpful way to grab attention of people that may become your followers.



We hope that through the article you can get insight on some of the specific and general ways to increase your instagram followers. Use relevant applications like getinsta, be unique, post regular quality content and increase your popularity, likes, followers and reach. This way you can also become famous on Instagram.

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