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Digital Technology Staffing to help you keep up with the Latest Tech trends 

The number one question that circles leaders’ minds today is- How can I use digital transformation to drive my organization forward? A study conducted by Deloitte Digital and MIT Sloan Review reveals that about 85% of leaders say that digitization is indispensable for success.  

In order to move towards technology transformation, you need a proficient IT staff who can match your business needs and help you scale up. However, locating talent with such fine skills can be back-breaking, and even after hiring one, you may need to break the bank to pay them a decent salary.  

In such a scenario, digital technology staffing can be your go-to solution. They have access to a network of established industry experts and can hence match you with the exact skill set you’re looking for. But, before that, you must also be aware of the technology transformation trends ruling the market today to fine-tune your requirements and define your ideal candidate clearly.  

Here are some cutting-edge technologies you must be on the lookout for if you want to build a forward-looking organization. 

  1. Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things, or IoT as we call it, is probably the most in-demand technology in the market today. CompTIA, one of the leading trade associations in the IT industry, says that about 6 in every 10 US Companies have some form of an IoT initiative in the pipeline.  

IoT offers to skyrocket your organization’s productivity and efficiency in more than one way. It helps you improve decision-making by offering detailed insights into customer habits and demands. Moreover, it can also be used to monitor internal business operations, train employees, manage different stages of production, and a lot more.  

Unfortunately, there is a skill gap in this domain as companies face a shortage of professionals trained in IoT. Looking for an IoT skilled candidate is another task altogether, leave alone hiring one! Therefore, it is best to outsource this burdensome exercise of recruiting IoT professionals to digital technology staffing services as they are already connected with a wide network of experts in the IT field.  

  1. Cloud Strategy 

Creating a winning cloud strategy is on everyone’s mind these days. According to Forbes, companies allocated about 30% of their IT budgets to cloud computing in 2018. 

It is a myth that only technical businesses need to integrate cloud strategies into their model. The truth is- anyone who wants to scale their business and enhance their organization’s agility, competency, profitability, and productivity must have a suitable cloud strategy in place.  

Not only do cloud services save you on massive costs related to maintaining in-house systems, but they also provide a convenient platform for trial and testing. Moreover, cloud-based technology promises enhanced security to protect you from all kinds of security breaches.  

Given the complexity of cloud systems, a lot of companies lack the in-house expertise to implement them. One easy and cost-effective solution to the above problem is to hire digital technology staffing services as they can provide experienced IT professionals who can meet your business preferences and help you upgrade quickly.    

  1. Blockchain 

An important component of decentralization, blockchain is an emerging technology that is advancing steadily. Offering new ways to ensure transparency, blockchain technology is a reliable method of maintaining data integrity. Not only that, but the technology also provides an extra layer of protection against fraud and hence enables a higher level of trust.  

All in all, a successful blockchain strategy can enhance your customer experience infinitely, whether you are in the healthcare sector, banking & finance, retail, real estate, or any other industry.  

Implementation of blockchain requires exclusive skills like cryptography, data structures, blockchain architecture, and other cross-disciplinary expertise. Finding such an elite skill set can be a challenge for your recruitment team. This is where subcontracting your IT staffing requirements to a digital technology staffing agency can help you find the best match for the role.  

Wrapping up 

Building an effective digital strategy can go a long way in giving you an edge over your competitors. Even though this may seem like a cost-intensive solution in the beginning, the digital way of working pays high dividends in the long run. By aligning your organization’s structure, culture, leadership, operating model, talent, and skills together towards digitalization, you can make the most of digital tech solutions.  

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