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This summer, dive in with a new water-resistant watch. As one of the hottest accessories for both men and women, a water-resistant watch is stylish and practical. Whether you are diving in the lake at the cottage, swimming laps at the local pool, or washing dishes after a family barbeque – you don’t need to worry about taking off your watch so long as it’s water resistant. 

Although many watches can withstand a lot of water, you won’t see the word “waterproof” on any watch. This is because it is believed that nothing can be guaranteed as 100% inaccessible by water. In fact, the term itself was banned by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for being misleading. The ISO now ensures that strict measures and tests are put in place for a watch to claim it is water resistant.

There are two types of tests commonly used to determine the water resistance of a watch. A dry test is when the watch is tested using air pressure levels to discover any areas air can leak out. The ISO refers to these as “water resistance tests by air overpressure”. If there is no air leakage, then the watch will be determined as being water resistant.

The other testing option is with water, known as a wet test. The watch is submerged in water, and air pressure is created. If bubbles come out of the watch, it will determine how water resistant it is or is not. The ISO refers to these tests as “water resistant tests by immersion”.

ATM is used to calculate just how water resistant a watch is. ATM stands for atmosphere and refers to pressure. One ATM is the equivalent for 10 meters underwater, pressure-wise. Therefore, if you have a watch with 5 ATM it means it is water resistant up to 50 meters. The higher the number, the more water resistant it is.

The 8 Benefits of a Water-Resistant Watch

There are several benefits of owning a water-resistant watch, especially in the summer. Here are the top 8 benefits (and reasons why you’ll want to dive into summer with a new water-resistant watch!):

1. It will help you stay punctual and stick to your busy summer schedule.

If you are hoping to make the most of this summer and enjoy time spent with friends and family, you will need a watch to stay punctual and make sure you never miss a BBQ, drive-in movie, or pool party.

2. It’s an excellent tool for outdoor workouts.

Sprints, interval training, and various other exercises require you to keep time. You don’t need a special stopwatch or your phone; you can easily refer to the time on your wrist and take your workout anywhere.

3. It is sweat resistant.

Even if you are not working out, the summer heat can make you sweat. And some people sweat a lot more than others. You won’t need to worry about your watch being ruined if the summer heat gets the best of you because a water-resistant watch is also a sweat resistant watch.

4. It is great for swimmers and athletes.

Swimmers and athletes get wet. Whether you are swimming laps in the pool or practicing in the rain, water is not going to stop you. To keep track of time, you will want your watch, and fortunately, you can still wear it if it’s water resistant.

5. It will allow you to be even more spontaneous this summer.

Who knows, an impromptu pool party invite, or ocean dip may come your way, and you don’t want to miss out on the fun because of your watch. A water-resistant watch can tag along, and you don’t need to worry about taking it off and tucking it away before diving in.

6. It will keep time even while doing wet summer chores.

From washing the car to doing the dishes, some summer chores are a little wetter than others. You don’t need to panic if you get your timepiece wet so long as you have a water-resistant watch.

7. It’s stylish and looks great.

People of all ages, even those who aren’t watch aficionados, appreciate a quality, stylish watch: one that is reliable, attractive, and on-trend. With a water-resistant watch, you will look stylish no matter what you are doing or what you are wearing.

8. It will add to your collection.

If you are a watch collector or have a vast array of accessories, a water-resistant watch is a great addition offering style and practicality. 

Water-resistant Invicta watches will give you all of these benefits and more. Available at, an online shopping website focused on deals, you can pick up a gorgeous timepiece for the summer.  

One example is the Invicta 40mm Pro Diver 8928OB Automatic Date Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. It is an excellent example of style and function. The look is perfect for summer with its blue bezel and sunray dial. It also features luminous accents and markers with a magnified date window to help keep all your summer plans. This watch not only looks great but has a water resistance of 20 ATM, or 200 meters (660 feet).  There are several styles of water-resistant Invicta watches on the website, so you will be sure to find the perfect one for your summer adventure.

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