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Most homes come standard with double glazing, but do it really add value to your house, and if so, how much?

So, let’s point out some of the advantages of double glazing and whether installing it increases the value of your home to address that issue.

What is the concept of double glazing?

You’ve probably heard the word “double glazing,” but what exactly does it mean? Unlike single glazing, which is made up of a single pane of glass, Double Glazing Stockport comprises two glass panes separated by a distance filled with an inert gas like argon gas, making it more difficult for heat to escape.

Would you want to save twice as much money by installing double glazing?

Regarding the glazing in your house, double is undoubtedly better. Your home’s energy quality will certainly improve if you upgrade to double glazing windows Perth. This means you’ll save money on your energy bills while also making your house more comfortable to live.

With the added safety of two panes of glass and inert gas, double glazing makes it quite difficult for heat to escape from your home. It will also help to avoid cold outside air from entering your home through your windows and doors, keeping your home draught-free all year.

Is it true that double glazing increases the value of your home?

Yes, in a phrase. For many homeowners, double glazing has become a requirement. Newly installed double glazing will boost the value of your home by making it more appealing to potential buyers. Installing double glazing in your home could make the difference between a customer choosing your home over one of your rivals, which could be reflected in their bid.

How much does double glazing add to the value of your home?

So, how much do you expect your home’s value to rise as a result of installing double glazing?

According to studies, the value of homes with newly built double glazed windows increased by 10% on average. Not only that, but double glazing will make your home more attractive to potential buyers, so if you’re trying to sell quickly, double glazing might be just what you need.

Thermal performance

To begin with, when you think of double glazing, you probably think of temperature gains – ‘double the panes, double the gains.’ Essentially, the two panes work together to restrict the amount of energy that can be transferred from one side to the other through convection. Your home’s energy quality will be improved by installing double glazing, which will save you money depending on the type of home. This may not seem like much as a single figure, but prospective homeowners seek out properties that are energy efficient.

Aesthetic improvements

Your home’s ‘curb appeal’ will improve as a result of double glazing Perth. The gleaming glass and trendy windows you can choose from will add to the ‘wow factor of your home and remove the old and dated feel that single-pane windows are known for. You can find double glazed windows in a variety of styles and materials so that you get the perfect match for your home.

Elements of safety

Of course, security is an excellent selling point! Double glazing adds layer of security by including an extra pane of glass to shield you. This makes it more difficult for a would-be burglar to break into your home, will your protection. Furthermore, if you have single-paned windows that were installed decades ago, there’s a good chance they’ve become fragile. This might make it possible for someone or someone to smash them — whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Condensation is reduced

Condensation can lead to dampness, which can cause a slew of problems. Not only will it begin to stink and display signs of mould in the corners, but repairing a damp problem can be very expensive. When it comes to selling your home, though, you can not even be aware that you have damp. Unfortunately for you, any prospective buyer’s survey would almost certainly highlight this. This means they’ll be put off by your initial asking price and try to haggle a better offer, putting you in a pickle.

Is it worthwhile to replace your windows before you sell your house?

This is highly dependent on the state of the existing windows. If your windows are single-glazed or broken, they should be replaced immediately. Your home’s energy efficiency would be significantly improved by upgrading from single glazed to double glazed windows. For those planning to sell their house, replacing your windows before you put them on the market might be a good investment, recommended search for packers and movers in hyderabad.

Having new windows installed.

As you can see, installing double glazing in your home is an intelligent way to increase the value of your home and increase the attractiveness of your home to prospective buyers. However, before installing double glazing in your house, you can hire a reputable double glazing installer to do the job.

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