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Do I need A Lawyer to File A Worker’s Compensation?

The first thing that comes in mind for anyone who has been injured at workplace is how to receive medical and the expenses associated with the treatment. If you have suffered from a workplace injury, you have the right to be compensated. Unfortunately, most employers tend to deny employees worker’s compensation benefits even when it’s genuine. With this, most of the employees suffer due to the hefty medical expenses they have to pay. Some end up giving up seeking compensation due to the tedious processes, while others work out their own way to get help. Even after all the struggles, most of these employees don’t find justice. In such cases, a worker’s compensation lawyer would only be the best option to help employees get the benefits they deserve.

Employees Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation is a system used by companies to provide benefits to employees who are injured while working. Although you may decide to represent yourself in filing a worker’s compensation case, hiring a lawyer would be the best decision you can make. A good lawyer can gather the right medical evidence and be able to negotiate a reasonable settlement. Besides, he/she can represent you at a court hearing. If your employer or any other negligent person caused you injury, don’t fear to report. You may save others who might be wondering how to go about such cases. Even if your injuries are minor, filing a claim is not that simple, you still need to know where to report and what to do to ensure you get the best settlement. Again, in very few casesyou find employee’s making claims concerning work-related injuries outside of worker’s compensation. In such circumstances, a personal injury lawyer would be of great help.

 When A Lawyer Is Needed

The decision to hire top Anchorage lawyersdepends on a number of factors such as the severity of your injuries and the action of the insurance company. A lawyer is better positioned to talk to the insurance company on your behalf. Remember that the insurance adjusters or the insurance solicitors will not be on your side. They will be swift to settle your claim to give a lesser compensation than you deserve. Thus you will need a worker’s compensation attorney if:

  • You have suffered severe work-related injuriesor illness: If you have severe injuries, this means that you will be forced to spend more in terms of medical expenses. Consequently, this will demand a higher payout that may lead the insurance company to fight against your case. The insurance company may also argue that your illness was due to a chronic condition not related to your duties. A third party may also cause your injuries, or your employer was negligent, and this caused your injuries or illness, you can only make through the process of demanding for compensation with the help of a lawyer.
  • As a result of the injuries, you can’t perform any work at all or you’re unable to return to your usual job: The injuries or illness may lender you incapable of working again. With this, the insurance companies may be forced to pay you either partial or lump-sum payments to cater for the lost earning capacity or wages. It’s better to look for a lawyer who can help you get over the case involving disability or any other related issues.
  • Your worker’s compensation claim has been denied: Your medical expenses may be too high such that the insurance company is denying your claim. This is not uncommon with the insurance companies as they think you may not be in a position to challenge their decision. You have the right to appeal, but this can be a complicated process. This is due to the paperwork or the tight deadlines of filing that you may not be aware of.
  • If you have previous injuries: The current workplace injuries may have affected the prior injuries. This is a good ground for the insurance company to argue about. The argument can be that your present illness or injury was as a result of your pre-existing condition. A good lawyer will help you get an experienced medical doctor who may determine how the current injury could have been affected by the existing condition. Again, a good lawyer will gather evidence even from your coworkers to ensure they have the right information regarding your previous condition.

Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

Working with a worker’s compensation lawyer ensures that in case your injuries may lead to long term inability to work, you may get a reasonable settlement that will most likely even cover your future wage loss. You don’t have to worry about legal fees; most of these lawyers have a free initial consultation to review your case and advise you on how to file a claim to recover damages. After reviewing your case and agreeing to offer you the service, most of them will charge legal fees on a contingency basis.

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