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Do people still use LinkedIn InMail

InMail is three times more effective than normal email services. But do people really utilize its effectiveness? Is it still in usage? We have brought you the answers. Read through till the end to find out how it is effective and how utilize in best possible manner.

LinkedIn InMail – Definition

It is a professional messaging service that lets you connect with LinkedIn members. Paying for this messaging service will surely strengthen your business network.

InMail service respects the privacy of LinkedIn members. The recipient of the messages will know that they are connecting with someone in the relevant field. If they are not interested in replying to that person, it is ensured that the sender of the messages does not show up in their inbox again.

When should you use InMail?

There are three situations where LinkedIn InMail can be very effective for parties at the hiring end.

  • Requesting an informational interview
  • Extending an employment offer
  • Inviting a person to an event or a webinar

Know this before you start

There are certain things you need to be sure of knowing the answer to before you start using LinkedIn InMail.

  • What is the motive of this message?
  • Who is the expected recipient?
  • What is the appropriate size of a message?
  • What are the ways to follow up with this message?
  • How can this message be expressed as a more personalized message?

Things to avoid in InMail

  • Do not mail someone with the motive to sell them a product.
  • Keep your message short and precise; make it simple and straight to the point.
  • Do not try to connect with people who do not comply with your interest.

Recruiting made easy with InMail

Are you trying to recruit someone? If yes, you must say yes to the LinkedIn InMail.

There is only one tip we wish to give: communicate properly on Why the person should be interested in working for you. Express the best version of your message. And please do include call-to-action elements in your message.

It is very important to mention details on where and when you want to meet them. Make sure you include details regarding the proper location of meeting in your message.

You should send them follow up with the message for a few weeks before you end the conversation. This will remind them of your existence in the market.

How to send a message?

Below a person’s profile picture, you can find the “Send Message” button. Next, type your offer for them and select the offer of employment or request informational interview option from the drop-down menu. Following this, you can click on send option.

If your offer does not receive a reply within 72 hours, then you will not be able to send another message to them.

Wrapping up

We hope that the article provided you some new and valuable knowledge regarding LinkedIn’s InMail service. This is a best tool to connect and collaborate with other LinkedIn members. But this is not a free service, you will have to pay to access LinkedIn InMail service. You should definitely have an objective when you try to contact someone through InMail.

The details conveyed should be highly specific. Try to convey your message that is crisp and precise. It would be best if you always ended the conversations in the most apt manner. All these are required to maintain the good will of your brand image.

Use the effectiveness of LinkedIn InMail messaging service to find a perfect fit for the available positions in your reputed institution.

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