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sextingDo you get real sexting pleasure from OnlyFans models?

If there’s one thing that OnlyFans has made itself known for, it’s bringing you real sexting porn stars that you get to talk to and interact with. When you’re able to get exclusive porn from the girls that drive you crazy then it seems like the kind of place you’ve always been looking for.

This is such a popular way for porn stars to stay in touch with their fans that LA Weekly has an entire article dedicated to the top ten women in the adult industry that the site has to offer you. It’s sold to you as a way to treat a porn star like she’s your real life hook up and you just can’t go wrong with that kind of advertising. 

Do you get real sexting pleasure from OnlyFans models

What site to visit for real sexting pleasure?

  1. Hundreds of adult stars to chat with
  2. Ghostwriters are used to scam you
  3. Different sites do it much better
  1. Hundreds of adult stars to chat with

Hundreds of adult stars to chat with

If it all actually worked that way then it would be the best possible way for you to spend your time online. There are hundreds of adult stars to choose from and you’re supposed to be able to talk to them directly and get as close to the real sexting thing with them as you possibly can.

The problem with all of this is the fact that you’re almost never talking to the person that you think you are. It’s all just smoke and mirrors to keep you coming back and paying for your premium services.

  1. Ghostwriters are used to scam you

Ghostwriters are used to scam you

The sad and simple fact of OnlyFans is that the vast majority of the porn stars you see on the site are using ghostwriters to talk to you instead of doing it themselves. A ghostwriter is a person who does all of the actual reading and writing while pretending to be the famous person that you actually want to talk to.

If you need a good overview as to how it all works, you can read about the specifics on Business Insider. They break it all down so you can see how you’re actually talking to other men most of the time and never the porn star that you came for.

A big reason that this happens is that it’s just so easy to pull it off. You’re never talking one on one with the girl you think you are. Instead, you’re just talking over text. That means that they can easily hire someone else to pose as the porn star to talk to you while the star just walks away with all of your money.

  1. Different sites do it much better

Different sites do it much better

If all of that makes you want to just give up on sexting with women altogether, don’t worry about it. There are plenty of other options out there where you can get the real sexting thing instead of a ghostwriter posing as a woman. The first thing you have to do is find a site that’s not overrun with professionals just trying to supplement their income. If you can find a site to sext where women go when they actually want to sext with a man then you’re never going to find a better place than Arousr.


This is exactly where the horny women end up when they want to have a good time with someone else and that’s what makes all of the difference. You can be sure that you’re talking to the person in the profile picture because they have no reason to do it any other way. They’re not going to hire someone else to write for them when they just want to have their adult fun with an anonymous stranger. It’s what turns them on and you get to be the person to provide it to them. Spend your time on a site like this instead and you’ll see the difference immediately!

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