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A graphic designer is a person who creates the visual representation of information. He or she combines artistic expression with technical know-how to create an effective, eye-catching design for a company. Most business owners have great marketing ideas, but they may not know how to implement them into a professional-looking design. A good graphic designer will listen to the business owner’s ideas and translate them into a tangible format that the client can use.

Do you need graphic design services in 2022? If you are planning to advertise even in a small scale, you most likely will need to either have a graphic designer inhouse or hire a good graphic design service provider. Here are the most common type of services that graphic design agency offers:

Custom graphic design

Custom graphic design services are an excellent way for businesses to connect with their customers. The right graphics can increase consumer confidence and lead to increased sales and brand awareness. The right graphics can also create a sense of loyalty among your customers. There are a variety of reasons why companies choose to add custom graphics to their marketing strategies.


Typography is a vital part of branding and business design. It not only gives content a consistent aesthetic value, but also adds visual appeal. To get a good visual design, you must understand how typography works and how it can enhance your business. Typography is the process of arranging letters in a certain way to make them readable and clear. It is important to use a variety of fonts and styles to create an attractive design for your website.


When it comes to flexographic printing, quality graphic design is a crucial aspect of the process. A good flexography designer will understand the technical requirements of a specific printing process and the specifics of the packaging process to create a final product that is up to the customer’s standards. The designer will also be aware of the limitations of the flexographic printing process and must communicate effectively with other participants.


Gravure graphic design services are used to create large-format, high-quality prints. This type of printing is more expensive than flexo printing and requires a larger number of prints before breaking even. The lead time for gravure printing is generally three to four times as long as that for flexo printing. Gravure printing is best for long-run magazine and newspaper print jobs and high-resolution images. Its lpi (line per inch) value can be as high as 150, making it an excellent choice for high-quality reproduction.


Lithography is a printmaking process that uses a combination of water and ink to reproduce images. This process is suitable for high-volume printing, such as posters, books and catalogs. It requires an extra set-up time compared to digital printing, but produces high-quality results.


Pre-press graphic design services specialize in creating print materials. The design team works with print shop technicians to ensure the finished product meets your specifications. These services also handle a variety of binding methods.


Pre-flighting is a process where digital files are checked for valid content and proper formatting before they go through the printing process. It eliminates costly mistakes and ensures a smooth production process. Pre-flighting services are becoming standard prepress procedures in the printing industry. The term is derived from the checklist used by pilots in the preflight stage of an airplane flight. Its pioneer was Ron Bertolina, who began developing and using preflight software for printers.

Business cards

A well-designed business card can serve as a mini billboard in your pocket and help expand your business’s reach to potential customers and clients. They’re also an excellent way to distinguish your business from your competitors.

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