Fri. May 24th, 2024
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Do you need to switch SEO companies? When people embark on an internet marketing campaign or choose to hire a third party to take care of their SEO, it’s not always easy to know exactly what they should be looking for. However, by the time you’ve entered into a contract, it might be too late. By this point, you’ve already discovered that your company just isn’t delivering the service it offered, and that their pitch to you was full of empty promises. So, when is it time to cut the cord and move onto SEO pastures new?  Lack of Communication? One of the biggest warning signs you can get from any SEO company is a lack of communication. SEO isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to understand for everyone, especially if you’re not technically minded, so you might need to ask for some explanations of the things they claim to be doing. If they are always conveniently avoiding your calls or ignoring your emails, you should be wondering what else they don’t have time for, or what they might be hiding from you. A trust-worthy SEO agency will be interested in ensuring that their clients also understand as much as possible in order for them to actively engage and aid their own SEO campaigns, if they are looking to be as involved as possible. Top 7 Tips To Boost Up Your Organic Traffic  No Change in Traffic The second thing you should look out for is a lack of change in your site’s traffic. Keeping on top of your site statistics in Google Analytics should give you a good idea of any upward trends in traffic – or lack thereof. If nothing much seems to be happening, you should be questioning the techniques of your SEO Company, or even whether they’re doing anything at all. Fluctuations in traffic are a natural part of SEO, but no movement at all is a bad sign. Google Analytics may not be the easiest software to understand and follow but you will always have this installed if your SEO company is doing their job correctly and asking them to point out key metrics may be a good question to ask. You may also find that their monthly report will highlight the pertinent figures you need to be aware of. Set Your Budget If your companies keep trying to talk you out of more money, run for the hills. They might say things like ‘If you doubled your investment you’d see your rankings soar in just a couple of months’. If an SEO Company and internet marketing is worth its salt, your budget and what the company can do for that price will be discussed in the first place. No good SEO company will knowingly take on a client with too little budget for their expectations, and they will inform you in the first place if you need more money to get the results you want. Every now and then, you’ll find an SEO agency that will go the extra mile. Some companies provide full reports of the work they do to make sure you know exactly what is going on in your SEO campaign and the results that this work is creating. Or maybe they will tweak something on your site that was hindering your campaign just because they happened to spot it. Whatever it is they do to help you out, hold onto this company with both hands, and if they’re not already yours, make it happen as soon as possible.]]>

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