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Invisible aligners have become very popular alternatives to conventional braces because they use high-quality clear plastic instead of metal. While Invisalign offers more comfort than metal braces, there is still a possibility that you will still experience some pain and discomfort. So for those who ask if Invisalign hurts the answer is yes, but for a short while? However, the potential of getting pain seems to be higher during the first week of getting the aligners. Also, prefer the best Richmond orthodontist that helps good experience in orthodontic practice.

Also, the pain that you may experience will perhaps depend on the level of tolerance that you have. In some instances, it’s possible for people not to experience any form of pain.  Those wearing Invisalign retainers may also make you feel some discomfort but there are still so many invisalign benefits. If you experience pain for an extended period, maybe a week or more, you should let your orthodontist know because this could be a sign of something different.

Mild Pain During The Fiaap contentrst Week

After getting Invisalign, the device that is fitted is mostly designed to help in moving your teeth slowly. This means that it will take time, which could even be up to two years before the best result is achieved. The pain which you will feel will be temporary and will subside or get away completely after the first few days of using your aligners.

Factors That May Accelerate Your Pain

Certain predisposing factors could boost your chances of getting pain after getting Invisalign. Among these factors include such issues as lower ability to tolerate pain, gingivitis, and sensitive teeth.

Pain In One Of Your Teeth

While most of the pain will have disappeared, it’s also possible to still have some temporary pain in one of your teeth. This is a sign that the invisible aligners are doing a great job in shaping your teeth. This type of pain should move from one tooth to another without problems.

When Should The Pain Concern You?

While it’s normal to tolerate the mild pain and hurt for the first week and feel some pain in your teeth, tongue, jaw, and other areas of your body, there are instances where the pain should be of concern to you. Among them include:

  • When you experience bleeding from your gums.
  • When you feel the pain that is accompanied by facial swelling.
  • Pain when drinking, eating, or swallowing food.

Pain Relievers That You Can Use To Treat the Pain

Even in scenarios where you are experiencing mild pain, there are a few measures that you can use to treat. Some of the pain-relieving methods that you can try include Dental wax, over-the-counter medication that includes Tylenol), paracet, ibuprofen (Advil), or aspirin. Also, it’s recommended that you change the manner that you eat. Change the side of the mount that you use to eat until when the pain has gone away. Moreover, reduce the length of time which you stay without putting on your aligners.

The Bottom Line

Every dental appliance that includes invisible aligners can cause discomfort and pain. However, this pain should not last and should go away. You can use over-the-counter pain relievers and also wear your trays for longer to reduce the amount of pain that you suffer from.

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