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So you have some plumbing tasks that need to be done in your home and you are in the process of getting a contractor to do them for you. Before proceeding further to sign a contract with a plumber to handle your project, however, there are some things you should have clarified. Here are 10 questions to ask a plumber before signing a contract.

1. Are you certified?

The first requirement is to be sure the plumber in focus is adequately licensed. A license is a good indication of the expertise of such a contractor.

2. Do you carry required plumbing insurance?

Insurance is important if you must protect yourself against issues that could present themselves in the course of a plumbing project. So you need to be sure your contractor has required insurance.


3. Are your subcontractors licensed?

It is possible that your might bring some people along to work on your project. You should ask to be sure if these subcontractors have proper licenses. Don’t just assume they do.

4. Can I see references?

You should also ask your plumber if he could provide some people worked for in the past. It is advisable to have at least about three of those to contact and ask some important questions.

5. What do you specialize in?

It is relevant to point out that every plumber may not be able to handle all plumbing-related tasks. You should therefore endeavor to ask to know your contractor’s specialties before signing a contract.

6. How much will it cost?

Make sure you have all costs associated with your project well laid out from the start. This will help you eliminate or reduce the possibility of some hidden fees coming up later on.

7. What schedule are we working with?

It helps to ask your plumber for the date by which the project would be completed. Timelines are useful in assessing the pace of projects and ensuring timely completion.

8. How can you be reached in an emergency?

You should ask your plumber how they can be reached in the event of an emergency. It is also helpful to ask about how long it could take for action to be taken in such situations.

9. Any warranties?

It is advisable to inquire if any warranties exist to take care of a recurrence of the issue without any charge.

10. What caused the problem?

Your plumber may also tell you the cause of your problem, if you ask. This will be helpful in preventing a recurrence.

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