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People know the state of Utah for its gorgeous mountains and deserts, which also brings the state its climate. Utah sits in the rain shadows of the Sierra Nevada and the Wasatch Range. These mountains block off the rain, giving Utah a dry climate. As a result, you barely accumulate sweat because it quickly evaporates. Ironically, people also love Utah for the snow. The mountains near Salt Lake City get several inches of snow every year and are perfect for skiing.

Besides the dryness and the snow, Utah also has a good car culture. The state has numerous car clubs. Seeing modified cars is common, and hearing their engines go off on the race tracks is music to the ears. If you are not someone who is a gearhead, you may be one of the regular owners of the 930,000 cars in Utah. With 870 vehicles per 1,000 people, Utah ranks as the 28th state with the most cars per capita. With so many cars, traffic congestions can be a problem in the state. The congestion in Salt Lake City ranks at 321st out of 416 large cities. It is more suitable to take public transportation under such circumstances. That will save you from the headaches of being stuck in traffic, but it will also keep your car collecting dust in your garage. If you have a car that you no longer use, you can opt for Utah car donation. Not only will it give you tax benefits; this can also save a life.

How Your Car Donation Helps

A car becomes an extension of your body. It is probably the first significant investment you get before buying a home. So, you take care of it just as you would take care of your body. You check the tire pressure, oil quality, brakes, and every nook and cranny. However, not even cars that are well taken care of can last forever. When you decide to say farewell, going for a Utah car donation can be a beneficial and straightforward solution. When you donate your car to a reliable organization, that organization can sell or recycle your car. The proceeds will go to patients with life-threatening conditions such as kidney disease. The money can cover medical aid, housing, transportation, scholarships, and health screenings. Thus, if you choose to sell your old car, only two people will benefit; you and the buyer. However, if you donate instead, the beneficiaries include you, the buyer, and countless patients of chronic diseases.

How You Can Donate

As much as you want to do good in the world, others want to take advantage of your kindness for selfishness. Thus, if you wish to choose Utah car donation, go for a reputable and trustworthy organization. Be vigilant of those who offer something in return or something about donating your junk. The only thing you should receive is tax benefits. Organizations that provide things like vouchers are unlikely to give anything to charity.

What Happens

Once you find an organization to which you can donate your car, contact them personally so you can give the necessary information like the VIN, car mileage, and location, and contact details. A towing company will make a schedule with you afterward. Get all your belongings from the car, including the license plates. When the towing company arrives, you will also sign the title over and leave the keys behind.

Living with an old car that you no longer use can be annoying, but it is not as bad as living with kidney disease. By donating your car, you can free some space at home, help someone who can use your car or its parts, and save a patient’s life.

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