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When choosing a home security system, you should consider what happens if your home or business experiences a power outage. Many self-installed security systems depend on your home’ internet connection for live viewing or recorded video surveillance. If the power goes out in your neighborhood, so does your internet modem. You’re left unprotected at a time when your home is most vulnerable – without electricity or lights!

No Power – No Security?

If you want a security system that will remain operational during a power outage, then a wireless connection that relies on the internet is out. Also, wired camera systems would also be worthless during a power outage. Surveillance systems that use cellular radio will continue to work during power outages. Like cellular phones, these systems feature battery backup, and you can still get about 5 hours of home monitoring protection. People should hire good electrician. After you have hired an experienced and certified electrician Townsville, you will receive many benefits from it.

Older security systems that operate over traditional telephone landlines will also continue to work. But you have to consider the system’s security control panel and whether it has battery backup power.

In short, you want to always purchase a monitored security system that features backup power or power loss protection to avoid any problems during a storm, downed trees, or a car collision with a utility pole. Choose a system that specifically has battery backup or a security monitoring firm like APC America that offer power loss protection.

Stay notified of power outages

Some home security system will notify you when power has been disconnected. This is a good feature because some burglars will attempt to unplug a control panel or disconnect power to homes as a way to defeat the home security system. And if you travel frequently or If you’re away from home a lot, check out a security system that will send you a power loss alert if power to the control panel fails. This should be in addition to a 24-hour battery backup.

When you partner with APC, our power loss protection plan makes sure your home isn’t left vulnerable to a fire or break-in during an electric power outage. “The APC Alarm Center state-of-the-art technology ensures that your emergency alarm data is received as quickly as possible using broadband, digital, or cellular data transmission modes.”

With the APC technology and our highly trained and skilled alarm operators, we make sure there is a connection between our clients and emergency responders. Our job is not only to monitor your home security, but to also act quickly to interpret your emergency, verify that you need help, and dispatch help to your home – even during a power outage.

Visit us online at APC America, to learn more about our full service residential and commercial security monitoring systems. We can tailor a security package to meet your special needs. If you have elderly family members, consider our Medical/Emergency Panic Care. Or consider the APC Home Environment Protection Plan. We monitor environmental changes in your home that can signal high heat or fire conditions, frozen pipes or low temperature conditions, or to know when and through which door people are entering or leaving your home.

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