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Don’t Eat These Foods Too Much to Avoid Cancer

Most of the deaths occurring in the world is because of cancer. But you can reduce the risk of all cancers by 30 to 50 percent with just simple lifestyle changes. You need to avoid eating these foods to reduce the risk of cancer. To choose the right diet to manage your cancer, you should ask the best cancer doctor in Delhi NCR

These foods may increase the risk of developing cancer if they are consumed in high amount – 

Refined Carbs and Sugar

Processed foods with low fiber and vital nutrients and high sugar can increase the risk of developing cancer. According to the researchers, a diet which leads to a spike in blood glucose can increase the risk of some cancers like colorectal and breast cancers and stomach cancers. Higher insulin and blood glucose levels are high risk factors. Insulin can stimulate the division of cells and support the spread and growth of cancer cells. 

Processed Meat

Processed meat is itself claimed as a carcinogen by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer). Processed meat preserves flavor through curing, smoking and salting. Studies suggest that processed meat can cause colorectal cancer. 

Overcooked Meal

Cooking some foods on high heat like frying, grilling, broiling, sautéing, and barbequing can generate AGEs (advanced glycatin end-products) and HA (heterocyclic amines). These are harmful compounds that can increase the risk of cancer. When they are built up excessively on food, they can cause inflammation and develop cancer and various other diseases. 

Animal foods having protein and fat along with over-processed foods can have these compounds when these foods are cooked at high heat. Some of these foods are red meat, fried eggs, margarine, cheeses, cream cheese, butter, oils, mayonnaise, and nuts. Don’t burn food and cook it gently, especially when you cook meat. You may boil, stew or steam them. 


Consuming dairy food in high amounts can develop prostate cancer. High consumption of whole milk can increase the risk of death and disease progression. A lot of studies show the risk of prostate cancer linked with high intake of dairy food. 

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