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It takes a lot of efforts and time for a homeowner to maintain the lawn in a proper condition. If the lawn is not mowed or watered regularly, there are high chances of it getting damaged soon. However, if your lawn is prone to insects and has been damaged to a greater extent, you can revive it by using the proper yard maintenance tips.

If you have observed that the lawn is looking patchy or brown and you want to boost the vibrancy of the grass in the yard, you can try out the below tips. It is highly recommended not to go for chemical treatments, since this will ruin the look of your garden instead of repairing it.

Use compost:  The compost is the best food that is used to keep the yard green and fresh. You can miss to water the lawn, but you should never miss to put compost in the garden. If you are using synthetic fertilizers, it will promote the green plants, but this also grabs the attention of unwanted pests which ruins the garden totally.

The natural way to provide essential nutrients for the plants and flower beds in the yard is to use compost. This natural solution will keep the soil fertile and let the grass grow in a healthy way. The pruned branches of your plants and trees can be successfully used to make compose of your own. Hire or buy a wood chipper from a wood chipper supplier and use it to shred wood and make best use of it for your garden.

Use Epsom salt: The soil test will help you learn about the condition of the soil in your yard. If you have conducted the soil test and it came out that the soil is acidic in nature, then you need to change the soil to improve its nutritional value. For this, you can use Epsom salt.

Although there is salt in the name, it actually comprises of magnesium and sulfates that help you to fight against the pests in the lawn. A lawn spreader can be used to spread the Epsom salt across the yard or dilute it in the water and spray throughout the garden to improve the soil quality and promote healthy lawn.

Re-seed: Spring and autumn are the ideal times when the gardeners prefer to sow seeds in the garden. Although it takes a lot of time for the grass to grow after you sow the grass seed, this is the cheapest way to revive the look of your dying yard. Prior to sowing the seed, you need to water the yard properly.

You should not water the yard until you see shoots. You need to allow the grass to be grown to 5 centimeters before you mow it for the first time. You need to mow the grass only after it is grown up to a certain extent. You should not let anyone to enter into the yard while the grass is growing.

Mow regularly: You need to mow regularly to let the grass grow thicker and stronger. You need to mow once in two weeks during spring season and once a week during summer. When you are mowing, make sure that the blade of the mower is not low, since there are high chances of the soil to get dried briskly.

Moreover, the blades that are blunt will shred the grass over cutting it equally and in a proper shape. Once you have mowed the lawn, you need to collect the wastage and use it as compost. To create your own compost, collect the extra branches of your plants and trees and use a wood chipper to shred it and add to the mulch. You can easily find this device from a wood chipper manufacturer.

Use fertilizers: There is no better way to revive your dying yard than using fertilizers in it. You should use the fertilizers on the grass that is growing rather than on the newly sown grass seed. Instead of using the chemical fertilizers, you can use seaweed once a month during spring and summer season.

Remove weeds: The ideal way to bring back the lost aesthetic appeal of the lawn is to water and use fertilizers on a regular basis. You also need to make sure that the garden gets the essential nutrients that it requires to regain its appeal like before. For that, you first need to get rid of the weeds that are grown in the garden. When you remove the weeds, the water and fertilizers will be utilized by the plants and grass in the yard. If your yard is small, then you can pull out the weeds using your hands, but if your garden space is bigger, you need to use herbicides to kill the weed.

De-thatch the patch: If the yard is not maintained properly, the thatch will form on the layer of the lawn. This will restrict the water and air to go into the roots and not let the grass grow in the healthy way. Therefore, it is important to use a metal rake and remove the dead and spongy grass quickly. You need to press down the rake to remove as much dead grass from your lawn as possible.

Aeration: As your lawns are ready, you would be using them to organize parties and barbecues. By aerating the grass in the garden, you will let the soil breathe and absorb the nutrients. You need to use a garden fork or aerator to make holes in the soil up to 5 cm deep. These holes will let the air, water and nutrients spread to the roots and let the grass grow deeply and promote a healthy lawn. If your lawn is congested, you need to aerate once a year.

Mulch the leaves:  The leaves that fell in your yard during autumn season can be cut into small pieces using a wood chipper. These small pieces get decomposed into the soil and supply the essential nutrients for the grass. Ask your nearest wood chipper manufacturer to deliver you a suitable wood chipper for your garden.

Keep grubs at bay: The larvae of the beetles would take a toll on the beauty of your lawn. Although the yard has the ability to resist to the smaller population of grubs, when these are spread throughout the yard, it causes damage to the roots of the lawn. You can use milky spore to fight against the grubs.

These are a few ways you can try out to revive your dead lawn. When you observe that the lawn is losing its sheen, your job is to identify the cause of the problem. Once the problem is detected, you can find the solution that keeps the grass in your yard greener.


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