Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Doosan launched their DX 7 series 140LCR, 225LC, 255LC and the 350LC that raises the bar for excavator performance aspects across the board. The innovative features included in these models see every aspect of crawler excavators being renewed from fuel efficiency, operator comfort, productivity and environmental concerns. Everything that the construction industry beginning from the daily work right up to the challenges of the future has been marked down by the manufacturer within these models. The comfort features, the intelligent control systems that are coupled with smart-machine functionality allow operators of Doosan’s new excavators to manage just about any challenge that are thrown on their path. 

Doosan has remained consistent and builds on sequentially improved excavator platforms that focus on not just Doosan’s bottom lines, but also the customer or excavator rental hire company, the societies and the environment stated product specialist Joel Escalante for Doosan Infracore. The latest improvements to our new product line places a high level of emphasis revolving around operator comfort which have direct implications to productivity at project sites. The new machines are exemplary cabs that are not just ergonomic from seat posture to armrest placement, but have also been outfitted with a view monitor that gives operators increased visibility around the excavator which is a critical element with regards to safety. 

Latest Updates to the DX 7 Series Excavators

The new updates with the scope of the 7 Series excavators features a solidified work group that are coupled with reinforced castings and steel pivots that are forged in alloy allowing it to withstand high-impacts during operations. The Y shaped seal that has been introduced to the excavator’s arm gives the bucket connection better sealing which enhances both performance and level of durability. The materials added to the mainframe of the excavator also improves performance and versatility of the excavator along with the machine’s undercarriage making the machine more stable than ever before even on uneven surfaces. 

Other new features include the self-lubricating sealed track and chain which minimises the need for added maintenance. The crawlers also sport steel cast heavy duty sprockets that were developed specifically to meet the challenges of harsh project environments and in order to maximise machine operating duration the track rollers are equipped with check plugs that manage oil levels.  

Interior Enhancements

The new models have been redesigned almost completely in the interior which absorb both noise and vibration which reduces operator fatigue. Although all models come with ergonomic seats, there is also an optional deluxe air-suspended seat that has both heating and cooling mechanisms. The joystick has also been redesigned in concept with ergonomic metrics that come hand in hand with an 8-inch Smart Touch Screen that is easily accessible. The cabs have been fitted with single wipers that maintain good visibility for operators even when working in inclement weather. Doosan has also included the Smart Key system to this latest rollout incorporating automotive convenience to heavy machines. 

These new machines allow operators to easily access the cab and start engines with just a button. The Smart Touch screen is a standard installation for these crawler excavators and they allow operators to access all and manage settings and retrieve information with convenience. These machines also offer an optional 360-degree view around the excavator with the latest AVM camera system. This is in essence an enhanced safety feature that increases operator confidence significantly whilst working the machine in environments that do not offer space as a luxury. The new machines are also exceedingly powerful given the relative sizes of the machines.


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